What happened to the American couple “kidnapped” by aliens? What do they see?

What happened to the American couple “kidnapped” by aliens? What do they see?


About the topic of aliens, the industry has never stopped talking about, there are many alien enthusiasts see UFOs floating in the sky, their hearts will be determined to be related to aliens. So, why hasn’t humans seen aliens for so long? Scientists have never given up looking for aliens. They have their own opportunities to enter space and reach many planets, but they have not found any traces of aliens. He has become a big mystery. There are rumors about aliens almost everywhere.


From the U.S. flying saucer crash in 1947 to the Soviet fireball flight in 1948, the topic of extraterrestrials has only increased, and so far there is no final paper. Some people think it’s bluff, everything is rumors, just to rub heat, is that really the case? Human beings have never been in contact with aliens, and we have no idea of their living habits or their true appearance. What happened to the American couple “kidnapped” by aliens? What do they see?


The time of an alien kidnapping in 1961


In 1961, there was a mysterious kidnapping in the United States. There is a couple who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens. They are Barney Hill and Betty hill. Since the news came out, it has attracted the attention of the whole world. What they said is right. On the evening of September 19, when they went home from a holiday and passed south of darlancaster, a sharp light came out of the sky. At that time, the couple stopped the car to see what the light was. After a closer look, they found that the dazzling light was not from the stars.


Then there was a strange scene. When they drove home, the light followed them all the time, which was not as simple as they thought. It seems that they also saw a mysterious aircraft. They could see people from the window. At that time, they were extremely scared and went back to the car. When preparing to escape, I don’t know what happened, there was a buzzing sound in my ear, and then I was unconscious. After two hours, they finally woke up, and the couple found that there were traces of pulling on their bodies. They drove home as soon as possible and reported the situation to the nearby base.


The couple explained to the aliens in detail


After hearing their description, everyone was shocked. What is this UFO? After a psychiatrist hypnotized the couple, they unconsciously told a lot of amazing secrets. They claimed that they were kidnapped by aliens in the two hours when they fainted. They also carefully described the alien’s appearance, big eyes, short body and so on, which are totally different from human beings. The most surprising thing is that they even passed the lie detector, and no one was lying.


Among them, the couple also introduced the alien planet information and drew the alien home with their only memory. After this incident, it caused a great sensation in the industry. A lot of questions have emerged. Why did aliens kidnap the couple? Now that they have been kidnapped, how can they come back safely? All this seems so strange. Do you think the couple were really kidnapped by aliens? You can leave a message for interaction.

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