What happened to the boy who once predicted the future of mankind and claimed to be a “time and space traverser”?

What happened to the boy who once predicted the future of mankind and claimed to be a “time and space traverser”?


When we watch TV series or movies, we often see a lot of very similar plots, that is, through time and space, which is not real and almost impossible in our real life. However, in Einstein’s theory of relativity, as long as an object can surpass the speed of light, it can directly travel through time to go back to the past. Surpassing the speed of light seems very simple, but it is particularly difficult. The speed of light is the fastest speed in the whole universe, and it is almost impossible for an object to pass through.


In the current cosmic framework, it is a great dream to reach the speed of light and travel through time and space. In 2018, a space-time traveler named Noah appeared. He posted a video on the Internet. In this video, he put a mosaic on his face and claimed that the current human beings have completely mastered the technology of traversing time and space, just to hide it from everyone. He crossed the future 2030 through the time machine. What happened to the boy who once predicted the future of mankind and claimed to be a “time and space traverser”?


After seeing this video, the whole scientific community immediately burst into flames. In order to prove that what he said was true, he also issued several predictions. Which predictions are they? He claims that human beings in the future will be dominated by artificial intelligence. In addition, in 2028, human beings will be able to go to Mars to explore its mysteries. These are the things that will happen in the future. The things he predicted are incredible.


In addition, he also uses a lie detector to prove that everything he says is true. His predictions are the trend of world development. After all, he claims to have crossed from 2030, that is to say, he knows everything that happened before 2030. Many people feel very puzzled when they hear his predictions. After all, no one can prove that he really crossed, which is very difficult It’s possible that these predictions are just his guesses.


At the end of July, 2019, Noah released another video. He explained that everything he said was deceitful, even his own name was false, mainly because he was often bullied at school, so he made up that he was a time traveler and enjoyed being watched by the whole world. After the release of this video, there has been a lot of uproar in the society. Many bullied children are eager to be noticed, so they will make such a crazy move, which is understandable.


With the current science and technology, it is totally impossible to realize the shuttle of time and space. This is just the goal that human beings are pursuing. Maybe it can be realized one day in the future, or it may never be realized. After all, many scientists’ experiments have ended in failure. Few people can predict the future. We should not make up and make the whole society turbulent. Do you think humans can really travel through time and space? You can leave a message for interaction.

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