What happened to the earth? Can science explain the reappearance of frogs that have disappeared for 52 years?

All life on earth will not live forever. Death is the end of every life. In the process of life evolution, excellent life will be preserved by nature, and those unsuitable for the environment will be eliminated by nature. Since the beginning of this year, an interesting phenomenon has happened on the earth. Many animals that we have defined as disappeared actually reappear on the earth. What does it mean?


Rhododendron adenosum




Kulu Rhododendron, which disappeared for nearly 90 years in China, reappeared in Sichuan. The mythical bird, which has disappeared for 63 years, is flying over the earth again. According to foreign media reports, scientists have found another kind of creature, which disappeared for 52 years. It is a very rare frog. The reason why this discovery is surprising is that scientists used Edna technology to complete it in one day.


Brazil frog reappears


This special frog was discovered by scientists in Brazil. In order to prove its species, scientists used Edna identification technology to find two regions in Brazil. In these two regions, they found seven frog species. Using this technology, scientists identified four species of frogs that are on a downward trend. Two of them have disappeared for many years. One of them is Parque Nacional Da Serra dosrgos, which has disappeared for 52 years.


The scientists analyzed the areas where the frog lived, and found more than 30 amphibians in these areas, trying to identify their genes. In the face of such survey work, it is not easy for scientists to find the trace of this frog. Why did this frog reappear on earth? Scientists think this may have a lot to do with the environment in Brazil. All the species on the earth can survive without adequate food and suitable habitat. They think that when these species disappear, they may be due to the destruction of their habitat, and they hide in remote and hard to find corners to survive.


Is it good or bad for the disappearing species to reappear?


This means that great changes have taken place in Brazil’s ecological environment. If Brazil’s environment continues to be not improved, the fate of these frogs will be uncertain, perhaps leading to total extinction. Therefore, the ecological environment has a lot to do with the reproduction of species. Brazil does not attach so much importance to environmental issues. Therefore, whether these frogs can continue to survive on the earth is still unknown.


Many people are very puzzled when they see the reappearance of these long lost species. They have been eliminated by nature and can not reappear. If they reappear, will they break the balance of the modern ecosystem? Scientists think that we need not worry too much. From the current situation, these species have no impact on the environment after re entering the nature. Maybe these re returning species will make the ecosystem rebalance and rejuvenate. What do you think?

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