What happened to the famous Tunguska explosion? Look at some of the views of scientists on events

On June 30, 1908, in the Tunguska region of Siberia, Russia, people were still sleeping. Suddenly, there was a loud noise. Accompanied by the strong wind, the sound was deafening. People were awakened, thinking that there was going to be an earthquake, and they were scared out of the door. But at the beginning, there was nothing outdoor. Just when something was confused, a huge burning ball fell from the sky and crashed into the earth with a loud bang. At the same time, a huge mushroom cloud rushed into the sky. The earth kept shaking, and people could not stand steadily. The sky suddenly became day.

This is the famous Tunguska explosion. Its explosive power reached 20 million tons of TNT. More than 2000 square kilometers of land were affected, and more than 80 million trees were devastated.

After the explosion, scientists from all over the world came to this area to investigate it and try to figure out what it was? Through the analysis of the scene, scientists confirmed that there were three explosions, the largest diameter of the three explosion pits reached 200 meters, and the high temperature generated instantly turned some land into swamps. In addition, hundreds of thousands of trees were exposed to radiation. With the deepening of the investigation, scientists found that there were still many areas where the land was magnetized, and even many animals were mutated. It’s easy to think of a nuclear explosion.


First of all, it can be ruled out that it was the explosion of a nuclear bomb. In 1908, nuclear energy was just discovered. At that time, science and technology could not make a nuclear bomb at all. Therefore, the explosion could not be a human nuclear bomb experiment. What is it?

Some people say it was a meteorite impact, because at that time, some people saw something burning in the sky hitting the ground, which is very similar to a meteorite impact. If it was a meteorite impact, there should be meteorite fragments around the explosion. However, scientists have been looking around for a long time, but they have not found any meteorite, only a few craters. That means that the reason for the explosion is that the possibility of a meteorite impact is not great.

There is also a saying that whether this will be caused by the fall of an alien spacecraft. The reason why the falling object was not found at the scene may be that the falling object hit the ground and left again, which makes people think of the alien spacecraft. If at that time an alien spaceship might have broken down and crashed into the earth out of control, and caught fire when passing through the atmosphere, people would naturally see that it was a big fireball. After hitting the ground, although it is powerful, the outer shell of the alien spaceship is very hard and there is no damage.


Then, after a period of maintenance, the spaceship was repaired and left the earth. Therefore, when scientists arrived at this area, they saw only a few large pits and the surrounding damaged environment, and nothing else was found. If someone could arrive at the scene immediately after the explosion, maybe they would find out the truth.

Of course, some people think that this may be a supernatural phenomenon. There have been many strange events on the earth since ancient times. Some of them may be caused by supernatural forces. Although modern science and technology are developed, there is still very little understanding of the forces of nature. In particular, some supernatural phenomena cannot be explained by modern science.

The Tunguska explosion may be a supernatural event, and it is not without this possibility. As for what kind of natural force it is, scientists need to find and explore.


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