What happened to the legendary “Si Xiang”? Why was the village blocked after farmers in Zhejiang discovered it?

As a wonderful book in China, Shanhaijing records many rare animals and legends. With the change of the earth’s environment, under the rule of survival of the fittest, many creatures have faded out of the human vision and left the historical stage. Although we have entered the 21st century, there are still many exotic species in some corners of the world. What does it mean?


Many people think that the rare animals in the book of mountains and seas are made up. With the deepening of scientists’ research, they found that some passages in the book of mountains and seas seem to be able to find traces in the world. After all, people’s imagination was always limited at that time. If people didn’t see these ancient beasts with their own eyes, how could they write them?

The legendary “four not like”?


At that time, it was more strange to see that there was a donkey in Zhejiang Province. It was just like a goat in China. The old farmer had never seen such a creature before. He kept muttering in his heart. Did he see the legendary “four dissimilarities”? So he quickly reported this phenomenon to the upper authorities. When the experts came here, they immediately blocked the village. What’s the matter?


Because the mountain forest environment is relatively closed, some unknown creatures often appear in the mountain forest, especially many poisonous snakes and mosquitoes. Maybe one will lose his life if he is not careful. The local farmer has lived here for decades, and he has known the environment very well. So when he saw this creature while walking, he thought it was not so simple. He was afraid that this creature would attack him, so he went back to the village to report the situation. But when the scientists arrived, they began to investigate this “four unlike” creature .

The true identity of “Si Xiang Xiang”


At that time, they searched all day and did not find the figure of “Si Xiang”. At this time, it was late. Just as they were ready to give up and look for it again the next day, this creature appeared again. Although the sky became dim, scientists could see the real identity of this creature at a glance. It turns out that this creature is not the legendary “four unlike”, but a national protected animal. This kind of animal is very rare, so it’s reasonable that the local people don’t know this kind of creature. Although its appearance is very strange, it doesn’t cause any attack on human beings. On the contrary, after being known by some lawless elements, it began to hunt wantonly.


In order to protect the creature, experts decided to blockade the village, so as to avoid over spread of information and provide a stable environment for the hyenas. With the development of human civilization, although we have become the overlord of the earth, but the awareness of environmental protection is too shallow. The life and death of many creatures are controlled by human beings. If we are only bewildered by petty gains, should human civilization last for a long time?

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