What happened to the scientist who injected 3.5 million year old bacteria against the laws of nature?

What happened to the scientist who injected 3.5 million year old bacteria against the laws of nature?


Everyone’s life is just a few decades, just like a mayfly in this world. Some people are open-minded and strive to create life value in their lifetime. They live a wonderful life and are not in vain. However, some people are lazy and aimless, and spend their whole life without any meaning.


Many emperors once had unlimited power and pursued the goal of immortality. Unfortunately, life, old age, illness and death are the laws of nature, and no one can change them. The end result will be extremely bleak. Even some people spare no effort to refine the golden elixir at a high price, in order to take the elixir of immortality and finally achieve immortality. All these have violated the laws of nature, and it is obviously impossible It’s a lot of work. What happened to the scientist who injected 3.5 million year old bacteria against the laws of nature?


A few years ago, a scientist realized immortality and made a crazy move to inject 3.5 million years old mammoth bacteria into his body. His courage is commendable, but his behavior is unpredictable. What are the final results of the scientists who injected the bacteria? He is anatolib brushkov, who has a great influence in the industry. At that time, when he was studying, he found an ancient bacterium, which is well preserved and has been extracted from the mammoth brain for 3.5 million years.


No one expected that the bacteria 3.5 million years ago would have such tenacious vitality, so he conducted in-depth research on the bacteria and found that the bacteria had a very fast growth rate, even the ability of cold resistance and frost resistance was stronger. He also made relevant experiments and injected the bacteria into animals. He did not expect that there were no adverse reactions on the animals, instead, they could reproduce It’s more powerful. What’s more, after he injected the bacteria into an old mouse, the mouse still had fertility.


So he came up with a bold idea to inject bacteria into his body. So far, his body has no adverse reactions. On the contrary, he is much stronger and more energetic than before. It can be seen that this bacteria has a certain digestive effect on the metabolism of the human body. It’s not hard to find that many stars now inject beauty needles into their faces in order to keep their youth forever. Although they can get beauty for a short time, they can’t keep their youth forever.


Everyone living on the earth has to experience life, aging, illness and death. Few people can live to 100 years old, not to mention a longer life. Death is everyone’s destiny. Any life on the earth should follow the laws of nature, maintain an optimistic and open-minded heart, and dare to pursue. This attitude is the best. We should follow the actual situation, and do not violate the laws of nature What do you think of this crazy act of scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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