What happened to the woman who claimed to be from Mars? Or about high dimensional space!

Find the wormhole and travel through time and space? Is this woman claiming to be from Mars true or false?


Einstein is a great scientist. Before he died, he put forward many convincing theories. His contribution to the whole scientific community has benefited future generations. Take his theory of relativity as an example, which lays a good foundation for human beings to explore the universe and has a great impact on human civilization. Not only that, he also discovered the speed of light, which is the fastest speed in the universe, but also the speed that human beings have never been able to achieve. In Einstein’s cognition, as long as human beings can reach the speed of light one day in the future, they may be able to travel through time and space.


When it comes to time travel, we have only seen it in TV dramas. For example, in ancient dramas, female masters travel from real society to ancient times. The plot is something they experienced in ancient times, and they also meet people they love deeply. We are well aware that this kind of crossing event can not exist in real life, but many people are still longing for crossing time and space. There have been many people who claim to cross time and space in history. Find the wormhole and travel through time and space? Is this woman claiming to be from Mars true or false?


There was once a woman who claimed to be from Mars 3800 years ago. In order to confirm what she said was true, she also took out a picture, which recorded the face of Mars. What she said is that Mars has a prosperous scene, which is quite different from Mars explored by human beings. In human cognition, Mars is quite barren, has no life, has a bad environment, and does not have the conditions for the birth of life. So many people have doubts about what she said, and scientists can’t confirm that she came from Mars through a photo. As we all know, no matter how advanced the technology is, human beings can’t travel through it, and it’s not easy to get into outer space.


Einstein also proposed a mysterious substance, which is wormhole. He once said that if human beings can find wormholes one day in the future, the dream of crossing time and space may come true. Not only did he put forward this view, but also scientists divided the universe into 11 dimensions. Human beings have lived in three-dimensional space for a long time, and can only see the products in three-dimensional space, while other high-dimensional spaces can’t be seen at all. Maybe this woman who claims to be from Mars is a creature from other dimensions, and her creativity can’t be reached by human beings at all.


For them, it’s easy to travel through time and space. However, human’s ability is limited, unable to bear the tearing in time and space, and there may be some danger. At present, human beings can only accept all things in three-dimensional space or low dimensional space, while high dimensional space remains to be explored. These are just guesses put forward by scientists, and no one can give an accurate answer. If space-time travel can be realized one day in the future, the world will change dramatically, completely contrary to the current direction of evolution.


Time travel has both good and bad. Although it can let us know more about the past, it also has many disadvantages. These disadvantages are unbearable for human beings. There will be a long time in the future. Some scientists firmly believe that after human technology reaches the peak stage, time travel may be possible. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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