What happened to those people who actively participated in the freezing experiment to achieve immortality?

What happened to those people who actively participated in the freezing experiment to achieve immortality?


Birth, aging, illness and death are the most common phenomena in nature. Everyone’s life begins from the moment of birth. From childhood to youth, middle age, old age, and finally to death. In the face of death, it is difficult for everyone to suppress their inner fear. Everyone wants to live forever, which has violated the laws of nature. Everyone should follow the rules of nature when they live on the earth. If they change their lives against the weather, they will not come to a good end in the end.


Since ancient times, countless emperors have wanted to obtain the elixir of immortality, tried all kinds of methods, and even did not hesitate to use other people’s lives to obtain it, but still failed. Journey to the west states that if you eat Tang Monk’s meat, you can live forever. But where can Tang Monk’s meat come from in real life? Even if so, how can we find it? With the improvement of science and technology, human life has been extended, and the emergence of various medical devices has greatly cured human diseases. With the rapid development of food processing industry, people enjoy all kinds of delicious food, which shows the benefits of science and technology. What happened to those people who actively participated in the freezing experiment to achieve immortality?


The first popularity of frozen human experiment


Once there was an experiment that was very popular. It was freezing people. What did it mean? It is said that this experiment mainly freezes people and thaws them after a certain period of time, which indirectly realizes immortality. Therefore, many people want to try this method, especially those who are suffering from diseases. When they enter a cold state, the body will be dormant, and after a few decades of thawing and resurrection, these cells will be able to fully survive. Although this method is very good to help human beings achieve immortality, the real situation is not as reliable as imagined.


Global warming led to the melting of many permafrost layers. At that time, scientists also found the remains of many ancient creatures, who had been frozen in the permafrost for a long time and had been dormant. Although there is a chance of resurrection, the possibility is very small. Moreover, every organ in the human body is extremely fragile. Once it is eroded by the cold, the balance of body function is destroyed, and it can not withstand the cold unless it lives in an environment with appropriate temperature.


There are more than 100 frozen people in the world


According to statistics, there are more than 100 frozen people in the world, all of them have endless wealth. They want to achieve immortality and continue this wealth forever, but so far no experiment has been really successful. This experiment tells us a truth that people’s life span is defined by nature, and everyone should follow the result of natural selection.


The significance of people’s life on the earth is not only to prolong their life span, but also to do many more meaningful things. We should create value in our limited life and live a wonderful life, so that we can not go for nothing in this world. It’s impossible to live forever. That idea of flying in the sky will be overthrown one day. It’s everyone’s job to follow the laws of nature and maintain ecological balance. What’s your opinion on the frozen man experiment on earth? You can leave a message for interaction.

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