What happens if a bullet with a mass of 100 grams hits the earth at the speed of light?

Since human beings have been on the road of scientific development, all kinds of theoretical studies have been emerging, and human life has become more and more beautiful because of science and technology. With the help of science and technology, mankind stepped out of the earth and began to explore the mysteries of the universe.

The world is a material world, so studying the mystery of matter can let us know more about the world and the whole universe. The greatest scientist in modern physics is Einstein, who proposed the mass energy equation and the great theory of relativity, so that we have more understanding of matter and the universe.

The theory of relativity tells us that the speed of an object can’t reach the speed of light, it can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. At this time, someone raised such an interesting scientific topic: if a bullet with a mass of 100 grams hits the earth at the speed of light, what will happen to the earth? Some people think that the bullet is so small that hitting the earth just tickles the earth and will not have any impact. Is that really the case?


If Einstein’s mass equation didn’t appear before, many people would think that a small bullet hitting the earth can have any destructive force, but after the emergence of the mass equation E = MC, the situation is completely different. Let’s first calculate the energy produced by a bullet with a mass of 100 grams flying at the speed of light.

According to e = MC, without considering the mass expansion, the kinetic energy generated by a 100g bullet flying at the speed of light is 0.05 × 300000000 × 300000000 = 4.5e15 joules. Many people may not know much about this energy. In fact, this energy level has reached the level of atomic bomb explosion. Does it look very frightening that a small bullet can reach the power of atomic bomb at the speed of light.

Of course, if it is such an energy level impact on the earth, the power is limited, but according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the mass of the object will also increase with the increase of mass. When the speed of a bullet with 100g mass reaches 10% of the speed of light, its mass only increases by 0.5%, which is not obvious. But as the speed gets closer to the speed of light, the increase in mass is very significant.

When the speed reaches 90% of the speed of light, its mass may reach more than twice of the original mass. When the speed increases again, approaching 99.99% of the speed of light, its mass will also tend to infinity. At this time, according to the mass energy equation, its energy series is also infinity. We don’t know how powerful this infinity is, but it is absolutely the power to destroy the sky and the earth A small planet like the earth may not be able to resist it at all.


So what happens when a bullet with a mass of 100 grams hits the earth at the speed of light? There are also two camps for this problem. Some people think that the energy level of a bullet approaching the speed of light reaches the power of destroying the sky and the earth. Once it hits the earth, the energy it carries is enough to split the earth into dust.

Some people think that a bullet flying near the speed of light has not really reached the speed of light, and its energy is not infinite. Although this energy is very huge, because its volume is too small, in the process of flying near the speed of light, the bullet itself will continue to be elongated and become a slender needle. It carries a huge amount of energy to hit the earth, and its scope of action is very small, which is the worst knot The result is to have a direct insight into the earth and put it through a pinhole.

There is another possibility, because of the general material of the bullet, it will be melted by high temperature when it goes deep into the earth, leaving it deep in the earth. Although the bullet did not bring a devastating disaster to the earth, because it made a hole in the earth directly to the center of the earth, the magma inside would also eject, which would also produce great destructive power.


In fact, scientists have been studying the powerful weapon of bullet fast flight impact. We also call it kinetic energy weapon. Its principle is very simple, that is, to impact a special iron bar to the ground at a certain initial speed in space. The faster the speed is, the greater the mass of the object is, the greater the kinetic energy is generated. Once it hits the ground, its power is no less than that of the earth Nuclear bombs, and they’re pollution-free and destructive.

If an iron rod is quickly hit to the ground from space, the kinetic energy generated will hit any city, which will destroy the city and make a huge pit. Of course, the original quality of the iron bar must also be very large, otherwise it would not have such great power. It can be seen that velocity plays an important role in the whole kinetic energy process.

There was once a science fiction which described the star wars between two civilizations. One of the civilizations made a special bullet, which was made of very special materials. It was made of neutron stars. We all know that the density of neutron stars is very huge, and the mass of a small bullet is also very huge.

This civilization accelerated the bullet to the speed of light and shot at the parent star of the hostile civilization, instantly turning the prosperous planet into cosmic dust. The reason why this civilization chose neutron star as the material to make bullets is that its density is very huge. If it is a general metal material, it may be intercepted by the other party with laser weapons. However, neutron star is different. Its density is so strong that it is difficult to be blocked by weapons.


Although this is only the plot of a novel, it also tells us that speed is the king in the universe. With the super fast speed of spaceship, we can go out of the solar system, explore the whole galaxy, and even explore the whole universe. With the advantage of speed, the object can also become the simplest kinetic energy weapon with great power.

Of course, these are still too far away for human beings. Our research on the speed of light is still very limited. Our theory can only be studied in the range of infinitely close to the speed of light. To achieve a breakthrough in the speed of light, we need the emergence of new theories. Of course, the speed of light flight is an incredible speed for us, but it is still the basic speed in the vast universe. Even if we realize the speed of light flight, the scope of the universe we can explore is very limited. It seems that human beings still have a long way to go to realize their desire to explore the mysteries of the universe.

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