What happens if a person strays into four-dimensional space? Maybe you won’t believe your eyes

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Since the big bang 13.8 billion years ago, the probability of space and time has been born. Before the big bang, there was no concept of space and time. Space and time were meaningless in that period.

Time and space have always been things scientists want to explore, but because they are so mysterious, human beings may not even understand them until now. For space-time, scientists have also put forward a very bold conjecture, that is, multi-dimensional space. Scientists speculate that our universe may have 11 dimensions. The three-dimensional space of human life space is also the three-dimensional universe we see.


The so-called three-dimensional space is a space with length, width and height, which is also called three-dimensional space. Objects in the three-dimensional world are all three-dimensional structures, from small particles to large stars, which can be defined by length, width and height. The size of the object we call is actually the three-dimensional structure of the object.

If it is a two-dimensional object, it has only length and width, which is what we call a plane structure. If it is a one-dimensional space, it is a point. This point has no concept of length, width and height. This one-dimensional structure reminds us of the mysterious singularity in the universe. Although scientists speculate that the origin of the universe originated from the big bang singularity, there is no good explanation for this singularity.

Singularities, by definition, are similar to the concept of one-dimensional space. Can this so-called singularity be an object with one-dimensional structure? It is possible that the universe existed in one dimension before the big bang, and then evolved into two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional space dimensions after the big bang.

For human beings, what they want to understand most is the four-dimensional space, because in the eyes of many people, the four-dimensional space may contain the preliminary mystery of time and space. The so-called four-dimensional is to add a dimension of time to the three-dimensional dimension. If we say which kind of things in the universe is the most mysterious, besides life, it may be time.


Although we often use the word space-time, we don’t know what it is. In fact, space-time is the combination of time and space, of which time is the most divine. Although human beings can feel the existence of time in three-dimensional space-time, we can’t really use time and can only move forward passively with time.

That’s why many scientists question the existence of time. Some people think that time is only a thing defined by human beings. It doesn’t exist in the universe. It’s just a thing imagined by human beings. However, when we realize the concept of spatial dimension, we find that time may be real, and it plays an important role in the 11 dimensions of space.

So someone asked this question: what happens if a person strays into four-dimensional space? Scientists believe that if a person completely enters the four-dimensional space, then the person may be quantized, that is to say, the body and spirit of the person will be separated. The two become independent parts.


Another possibility is that because our body can’t bear the pressure of four-dimensional space-time, the space will be abnormal, and a person may be separated into a consciousness body with endless blood. In the speculation of the two possibilities, the concept of consciousness body has been put forward. Human beings are conscious and have long been dominated by scientists. But there is no definite answer to what consciousness is.

Consciousness is a kind of invisible thing, which can not be reflected through the existing technology. Some people think that human beings may be composed of two parts, one is human body, the other is consciousness body. After the combination of the two, we will be an intelligent human. Without consciousness, we will become a zombie and a vegetable without consciousness.

Some people think that the four-dimensional space is totally different from the three-dimensional space. It does not support the entry of the physical body, but only supports the entry of consciousness. I believe many people have the experience of dreaming. In the dream, we can’t feel it is a dream. Only when we wake up, we will find that all the beautiful memories are just a dream.

For a long time, people think that dreams are illusory, which is the product of conscious activities in human cerebral cortex. However, with the continuous progress of human beings, some scientists who study and explore human dreams believe that everything in dreams may be real things, except that it does not happen in the real world. In another person’s space-time, that space-time may be four-dimensional space.


Since the concept of time has been added to the four-dimensional space, it shows that in the four-dimensional space, time may also be a concrete existence. Unlike in the three-dimensional space, time is too ethereal. We all know that in three-dimensional space, length, width and height can be seen, and we can also measure specific values. It’s because length, width and height create three-dimensional space.

In the same way, if the time dimension is added to the four-dimensional space, then this time may also be a visible element in the four-dimensional space. We can really see the change of time. So some people think that in the four-dimensional space, things that happen in different time periods may exist at the same time. For example, you can see the timeline of yesterday and tomorrow at the same time, just like a movie.

In three-dimensional space-time, you can only see what is happening now, what has happened in the past, and what will happen in the future. But in the four-dimensional space-time, it can be seen at the same time, because there, time has become an element that can be measured and measured. So, someone will have this experience, you see the past things in the dream, but also see some unknown things.


And these unknown things may be a hint of the future, maybe they will actually happen in the future. It is because of the magic of dreams that some people have made a guess: dreams may be a channel connecting four-dimensional space.

Of course, all of the above is just speculation. If multi-dimensional space really exists, scientists will be able to crack it one day and enter four-dimensional space through the power of science and technology. At that time, we will be able to really know what the four-dimensional space looks like. Maybe we will really crack the mystery of space-time and time there.

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