What happens if an astronaut accidentally falls into space? Will new life evolve?

So far, it has been more than half a century since human beings stepped into space. Although there have been tragedies in space and some astronauts have died, they have never left one person in space and will bring them back to earth. However, if there is an astronaut who accidentally falls into space and cannot be retrieved, what will happen to him?


Let’s first look at the environment of the universe. Since the big bang, with the expansion of the universe, the temperature has been decreasing. At present, space has become a cold environment.

Moreover, various celestial bodies in space also radiate electromagnetic waves, and many celestial bodies radiate high-energy particles to form cosmic rays, which is a strong radiation environment. Space is still a high vacuum, microgravity environment. Gravity is only one percent to one hundred thousandth of a gram, while the gravity that people feel on the ground is 1g.


If the human body is exposed to outer space, it will lose consciousness within 15 seconds and die within 1 minute. For astronauts, all their extravehicular activities must wear well sealed spacesuits and must be tied with ropes, because once they leave the space station or spacecraft, it is difficult to find a way to get them back.


Because the fuel of the spacecraft is limited, every step of the journey is planned. If there is an unplanned situation, everything behind will be disordered. Secondly, due to the limited oxygen reserve of the spacesuit, whether it can be retrieved or not in eight hours, it is also a corpse.

The internal environment of the spacesuit is similar to that of the earth’s surface. Although the astronauts will suffocate due to the depletion of oxygen, the internal environment of the spacesuit is still similar to that of the earth’s surface. Therefore, the decay mode of the body in the early stage is the same as that on the earth. After the depletion of oxygen, it will enter the anaerobic environment and produce methane and other gases.


These gases will eventually leak because of high pressure, and then stop decaying, and then continue in this state until one day they are discovered by humans or aliens.


In addition, if the astronaut falls into a place where the light is not strong enough, then as the power supply of the spacesuit runs out and the air conditioner fails, the interior will gradually freeze, and eventually the corruption process will stop and become an ice corpse.

Will new life form when bodies fall on other planets?


If you fall on the earth’s orbit, it is impossible to break away from the earth’s gravity. But if the corpse has a chance to reach other planets in the solar system, it is possible that new life will evolve.


Because in billions of years, the sun will enter the era of red giant, the earth will be greatly affected, and will no longer be suitable for human survival. At this time, the habitable zone will move outward, and the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn will become a new habitable zone. This habitable zone can last for tens of millions of years, and the highly dense microbiota formed by corpses may really become the seeds of life. Just like the birth of life on earth, it evolved slowly and formed various complete life forms.

How vast and magical the universe is! Compared with the universe, human beings are too small, for the birth of cosmic life, may be so simple. So Xiaobian thinks that there must be aliens. Maybe they are the same as us at this time. Maybe they don’t have the ability to go further.


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