What happens if humans respond to mysterious wireless signals from 1.5 billion light-years away?

I believe many astronomy enthusiasts still remember the repeated radio bursts from 1.5 billion light-years ago received by scientists. After this mysterious signal was received by scientists, it caused extensive discussion. People have put forward various conjectures. Some people think it is the signal from celestial bodies, and others think it is the mysterious signal from alien civilization.

Scientists have also divided into two camps. Some believe that it is from celestial bodies, while others believe that it is from alien civilizations. I believe no one can tell exactly what it is. However, for this mysterious signal from the deep of the universe, there are many people who speculate that it is a signal of alien civilization, and many scientists also think that it may be a signal of alien civilization to human beings.

Some scientists believe that as like as two peas, there are some natural evidences. First, this signal is not a single radio bursts. The signals emitted by ordinary celestial bodies are single. It is impossible to produce the same signal of repeated radio bursts. Only intelligent civilization can send out repeated signals. Second, this signal is not only received by scientists this time. Similar signals were received as early as 2007, when the transmitter was 6 billion light-years away from the earth.


In 2012, scientists received this mysterious signal again. At that time, it was 3 billion light-years away from the earth. This time, the emission source is 1.5 billion light-years away from the earth. The emission source can move so fast, which can not be achieved by celestial bodies, and the celestial bodies will not leave their orbit at will. If this mysterious signal is sent by alien civilization to human beings, what will happen when human beings respond to this mysterious signal?

Hawking, a great physicist, warned mankind many times before his death not to respond to the signals of alien civilization. He was afraid of exposing the earth’s coordinates and human existence, which would lead to the invasion of alien civilization. However, this signal is different. It seems to be approaching the earth rapidly. From 2007 to now, in 12 years, the emission source has reached the position of 1.5 billion light years from the earth from 6 billion light years. In 12 years, it has crossed the distance of 4.5 billion light years. What is the speed?

This kind of speed is completely beyond our imagination, and it’s not what ordinary superluminal flight can do. If this launch source is really a spaceship of an alien civilization, then the existence of the earth may have been exposed, and the alien civilization may also suspect the existence of civilization in the solar system, but the distance is too far to crack. Therefore, when the spaceship is sent close to the solar system, it constantly sends directional radio storm signals to the earth to see if it can get the return signal from the earth Should.

Some people may say that the speed of radio waves is not the speed of light? Isn’t it going to take billions of years for mysterious wireless signals to come to earth from billions of light years away? Is that true? Of course not. If it is the spontaneous radio storm signal of celestial bodies, the speed is indeed the speed of light. It will take 1.5 billion years for the radio source from 1.5 billion light years to reach the earth. What we are receiving now is the signal from 1.5 billion years ago.


But if this is not a signal from celestial bodies, but a signal from a powerful alien civilization, the result will be totally different. We all know that the power of science and technology is infinite. Science and technology can ultimately defeat nature and all the rules of the universe, including the law of unbreakable speed of light. When a civilization is strong enough, the radio signal can exceed the speed of light.

If the radio signal can’t break through the speed of light, it will be very difficult for a civilization to enter the interstellar space. Imagine that the spaceship is on a mission hundreds of millions of light years away, and the parent star has to keep in touch with the spaceship. If the communication is based on the speed of light radio signal, it will miss a big event, which is obviously not feasible.

Therefore, while any alien civilization is constantly powerful, radio communication technology is also powerful. The speed of light transmission can only be regarded as the basic speed of communication in the universe, and there may be superluminal wireless transmission technology, wormhole transmission technology and so on. Their speed is unimaginable. It may be hundreds of millions of light-years away, and it only takes a few hours or days to send the signal.


Therefore, the repeated radio storm signal received by scientists some time ago is likely to arrive at the earth from the emission source, which does not need the so-called 1.5 billion light years, but may only take a few days or months. So if humans respond to this signal, how long can alien civilizations receive it? If human beings go to reply to this mysterious signal, because our current radio wave technology can only realize the speed of light transmission, so theoretically, it will take 1.5 billion years to reach the distance of 1.5 billion light years.

But the actual situation is not like this. We don’t consider the expansion of the universe. In terms of signal strength alone, whether the strongest radio signal emitted by human beings can go out of the solar system is still a problem, not to mention that the distant extrasolar system is 1.5 billion light years away. It is possible that the reply signal we send will disappear halfway, and we can’t reach the extraterrestrial civilization at all Where?

Therefore, we don’t have to worry about receiving this mysterious wireless signal from 1.5 billion light-years away, whether it is from celestial bodies or from alien civilizations. Alien civilization may also test the strength of earth civilization by sending this kind of radio storm signal. If the reply signal sent by human civilization is quickly received by alien civilization, then alien civilization can also determine the strength of human civilization by the strength and arrival time of this signal.

It is believed that there will not be equal status between civilizations in the universe. There are also examples of powerful countries bullying weak countries on earth, let alone between civilizations in the vast universe.


It is difficult for a strong civilization and a weak civilization to have the right of equal dialogue. Even if high-level civilizations love peace and will not invade low-level civilizations, they will not give you equal status. When extraterrestrial civilizations discover other civilizations in the universe, they naturally need to understand whether the strength of each other is similar to that of themselves, or stronger or weaker than themselves. Different strengths will have different ways of communication between civilizations.

If the launch source from 1.5 billion light-years away is really a spaceship of alien civilization, it will send a wireless signal to the earth. If it can not get the response from the earth, the alien civilization can determine two points: one is that there is no civilization in the solar system, and the other is that the strength of this civilization is far weaker than them, and there is no advanced space communication technology And they can’t get it.

This may also explain why this emission source has been gradually approaching the solar system from 6 billion light-years away since 2007. Now it is only 1.5 billion light-years away from us. Maybe it will be closer in a few years until it reaches the solar system. Scientists will always send out radio signals from this transmitter, and believe that it will send out similar repeated signals in the future. If the signal is received again and is closer to the earth, it is basically certain that this may be a spaceship of alien civilization. We do not know what will be waiting for human beings.


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