What happens if Pi is used up one day? Maybe it’s something we don’t want to see

Mathematics is a great subject. It is a universal means for human beings to strictly describe the abstract structure and pattern of things. It can be applied to any problem in the real world. All mathematical objects are artificially defined in essence. In this sense, mathematics belongs to formal science, not natural science. Different mathematicians and philosophers have a series of views on the exact scope and definition of mathematics.

In the development of human history and social life, mathematics plays an irreplaceable role, and it is also an essential basic tool for learning and studying modern science and technology. On the great road of science, mathematics can be regarded as the foundation of all disciplines, whether it is physics, biology or other disciplines. If you want to make a major breakthrough, you must have a good mathematical foundation.

One hundred years ago, before Einstein put forward the theory of relativity, he spent 10 years reviewing mathematics. Einstein saw the importance of mathematics in physics. If he wanted to make great achievements in physics, he had to have a solid foundation in mathematics. As you can see from the final result, Einstein put forward the great theory of relativity and became the greatest scientist in modern times.


In the palace of mathematics, we mainly contact with various formulas and numbers. It can be said that numbers are the core of mathematics, and all kinds of numbers contain the mysteries of everything and the universe. Among the numerous numbers, one has appeared thousands of years ago. Until now, scientists are still actively studying and exploring its mystery.

This number is pi, which is very familiar to all of us. I believe my friends are not unfamiliar with it. In primary school, the teacher told us that Pi is an irrational number, which can not be calculated. Although in the field of mathematics, there are several irrational numbers, but their status is far from comparable with PI.

Mathematically, the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle is called π, which is about 3.1415926. As early as 4000 years ago, the kingdom of Babylon in Cuba recorded that pi = 3.125. Liu Hui and Zu Chongzhi in ancient China calculated π between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927 by using circle cutting technique. When mankind entered the era of science and technology, after the invention of the computer, scientists calculate pi no longer by hand, but by supercomputer.

I believe we all understand the power of supercomputers. If human beings calculate pi by hand, it may be hundreds of thousands of digits now. At present, the PI has been calculated to 10 trillion decimal places by supercomputer, which is the gap between heaven and earth. Therefore, the computer can be regarded as one of the greatest inventions since human beings entered the era of science and technology.


Some people once discussed on the Internet whether the PI could be calculated completely. Some people thought that Pi might be calculated completely by human beings in the future. If Pi is used up one day, what will happen? Maybe it’s something we don’t want to see.

Maybe many people think that Pi is just a small number, even if it is fully calculated, it has no impact on human beings. If you think so, it’s a big mistake. If Pi is fully calculated, it will be a huge earthquake for the whole scientific community, and a lot of things will be subverted.

First of all, let’s look at the definition of PI, which refers to the ratio of circumference and diameter of a circle. In ancient times, mathematicians called it circle cutting, which is an irrational number and can prove the existence of circle. But if the PI is completely calculated, then it becomes a rational number. Circle cutting proves that if a circle is divided to a certain extent, the circle is completely equal to a regular polygon. It also means that there is no real circle in the world of science.


At the same time, it is proved that the smooth curve of a circle is actually countless small line segments. This shows that the curve also does not exist, because there is no curve, geometry graphics will become chaotic. It is also wrong to calculate the coverage area of curve in calculus. The limit accumulation theory will not exist. Calculus will be overturned and the mathematical building will collapse.

We should know that circle is of great significance in science and nature. Many of our scientific theories are based on the existence of circle. If there is no real circle, many scientific theories are wrong. When we were in college, we all learned calculus, and this calculus is also based on the fact that Pi is an irrational number.

If Pi is fully calculated, it means that calculus is wrong, then the integrated circuits and electronic instruments made by scientists using calculus knowledge will not exist. Many projects of human space engineering are simulated by calculus. If calculus is wrong, it proves that many things of human space engineering are blind and pseudoscience.

Many constants in physics are related to PI. If it becomes a rational number, then the whole physical system may be subversive. Even many theories and phenomena in quantum mechanics need to be studied and set up again. The world is made up of matter. If the material system has undergone subversive changes, the whole world will also be affected.


Thus it can be seen that the consequences of PI being fully calculated are terrible, which we do not want to see. This also shows that Pi is an irrational number, is an infinite non cyclic decimal. We have no doubt about this. The rules of the world and the order of all things also prove that Pi is an irrational number, not a rational number that some people fantasize about.

There is another reason why some people fantasize that PI may be a rational number and may be used up one day in the future. That is to see that modern scientists are constantly calculating pi with supercomputers. This makes some people wonder: since PI can not be calculated, why do scientists continue? Is there any point in doing so?

In fact, scientists have been calculating pi. It doesn’t mean that scientists also want to calculate pi completely. Scientists also know that it can’t be calculated completely. The reason why it continues is mainly the PI, which is a magic number. The more digits we can calculate, the more helpful it will be for human beings. Why?


In fact, PI has become a yardstick to test the ability of supercomputers, which can assist the development of supercomputers. The best way to test the performance of a supercomputer is to let it calculate the PI. The more digits it can calculate, the better its performance. And in the process of detection, we can also find some possible computer vulnerabilities. When Intel launched the Pentium series, it found a bug, which was discovered by calculating pi.

One of the more important applications of PI is cryptography. As we all know, modern times is an era of network and information, many things need to be strictly encrypted in order to prevent leakage. The more complex the password is, the harder it is to crack. However, no matter how complex your password is, it may be cracked.

Is there a password in the world that can’t be broken? In fact, there is no perfect password. Any password can be cracked. However, we can only study and develop to the level close to perfect password. Later, scientists found that it is difficult for people to crack the password by using the property of PI irrational number.

In fact, the random numbers generated by computer software are all pseudo-random numbers, which are traceable, not real random numbers. Only the password set by pi is a real random number, which is hard to crack when used to encrypt files. Therefore, PI is now widely used in cryptography.


Because Pi is an irrational number, it can theoretically contain all the numbers in the world. This includes, each person’s birth date, mobile phone number, bank card number, bank card password and ID number. Someone has done such an experiment, randomly find out some people’s bank card number, mobile phone number, etc., can find the position in the current PI number.

It can be seen that as long as the number of digits of PI can be calculated all the time, it can contain all the numbers of the universe. The number itself contains the mystery of the universe, so in the future, scientists may find some secrets of the universe in PI. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, we should continue the great task of calculating pi. Maybe in the future, it will bring great surprise to human beings.

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