What happens if someone falls on Jupiter? Scientist: the consequences are unimaginable!

What happens if someone falls on Jupiter? Scientist: the consequences are unimaginable!


In this big universe, the earth is just one of tens of thousands of stars. In the eyes of mankind, the earth is vast, but in the whole universe, it is very small. For a long time, human beings have been trying to find a second home besides the earth, but their ability is limited and has not been found so far. Many scientists turn their attention to Jupiter, which has a very different environment from the earth. After many studies, scientists have determined that there is no life on Jupiter at all.


Once there was a news that an astronaut lost his life on Jupiter, which aroused many people’s curiosity. After confirmation, they knew that these were just rumors. No astronaut died on Jupiter at all. As we all know, Jupiter has a strong gravity. Someone asked the question, what would happen if someone was sucked by Jupiter? Will it die directly? What happens if someone falls on Jupiter? Scientist: the consequences are unimaginable!


Scientists have also conducted in-depth research on this. Jupiter’s surface has a very thick atmosphere. The main components of the atmosphere are very simple, usually gaseous and liquid hydrogen, because this kind of air flow causes the surface environment of Jupiter to be very unstable. If someone is accidentally sucked by Jupiter’s atmosphere, there will not only be gravity, but also endless rotation with the atmosphere, which is harmful to people Human body is a kind of torture, which is hard for ordinary people to bear. After a few days, people will lose their lives because of lack of oxygen.


Even if someone can survive from Jupiter, it will cause unprecedented damage to the human body. After all, the pressure of Jupiter is 100 times that of the earth. Therefore, when people enter Jupiter, they will be affected by buoyancy and gravity. When they lose gravity, everything will float in the air. It is difficult for human beings to control their own body, so few people have really reached the wood Star.


For a long time, human exploration of the universe has never stopped. They all want to conquer the universe. In the eyes of many people, the universe is very mysterious and contains too many stars. Each star has its own characteristics. The exploration of the mysteries of outer space is endless. It has been attracting people to approach it. At present, human science and technology have developed to a new stage. Human beings have the ability to enter outer space. Some data sent back will subvert human cognition. It is believed that one day, as long as human beings are willing to work hard and set a reasonable goal for themselves, all the mysteries of the universe will be revealed one by one.


There are also many people who think that there are aliens in the universe. They live on a certain planet and have never appeared before. Perhaps their civilization is much higher than that of human civilization. These are unsolved mysteries. Keep a positive attitude. These mysteries will be solved one day. What do you think of them? You can leave a message for interaction.

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