What happens if the earth stops rotating? In less than 10 seconds, human beings will be submerged!

In our opinion, the earth is a static sphere, in fact, it has been continuously rotating, but we can not feel it. The rotation of the earth is related to the survival of all things in the world. The earth not only let us see the rising and setting of the sun, but also let all creatures form the default biological clock. Once the earth stops rotating, the biological activities will be chaotic, and the earth will slowly die out.


It can be seen that the movement of the earth is related to human life, although we can not perceive its movement, but it has become the iron law of the scientific community. In fact, in the vast universe, not only the earth is rotating, but all the stars are operating in an orderly manner around the default orbit. I wonder if you have ever thought about what will be waiting for mankind if the earth stops rotating one day?


What happens when the earth stops moving?


First of all, we can sense the change of day and night. It is because of the earth’s constant rotation that we can sense the light and heat of the sun. With its operation cycle, all corners of the earth will receive sunlight. If the earth stops rotating, it means that the earth will realize the extreme state of two hemispheres, one is polar day, the other is eternal darkness. This is not the end yet. The temperature of the sun is very high, and many asteroids will be scorched when they move near it. If the earth stops running, then the temperature of the irradiated side will reach more than 100 degrees, and continue to increase. Such a temperature is not suitable for life. Human beings are either killed by heat or by freezing on the other side.


People and buildings will be thrown into the air


The earth’s rotation speed has reached 465 meters per second. If it suddenly stops rotating, then under the strong inertial force, the human beings and buildings on the earth will be thrown into the sky. Breaking away from the original rules, all the objects in the sky are mixed together disorderly, and humans may be injured by these buildings and vehicles. Even if someone avoids these injuries and survives, the survival time will not exceed 10 seconds.


Man cannot live


10 seconds


Because when the earth stops rotating, it doesn’t take too long, it only takes about 10 seconds, the crust will be greatly deformed due to mutual compression, so there will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. These two geological disasters are heavy casualties for human beings. At present, we have no way to predict their occurrence time in advance. In many countries, after the occurrence of these two geological disasters, a large number of casualties will be caused, and the earth’s environment will be damaged due to a large amount of dust.


So if the earth stops rotating, it will be the dark end of mankind. All kinds of natural disasters erupt and the ocean engulfs the land. We are either thrown into the sky or submerged in the sea. That is really the end of the world.

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