What happens if the earth’s oxygen disappears for five seconds? Scientists feel embarrassed!

How important is oxygen on earth? If disappear 5 seconds, or will endanger human survival!


In the existing human cognition, the earth is the only planet in the solar system with signs of life, which breeds countless lives. It is because of these lives that the earth becomes vibrant. In the course of development, the earth has gone through five mass extinctions. Fortunately, human beings have finally become the masters of the earth. It is indeed a matter of great happiness. Human beings are different from other creatures in having the wisdom of independent thinking. The brain is the most important body organ.


All human behavior commands are sent out through the brain, which can be said to play a decisive role. Scientists have been looking for alien civilization for a long time. According to the truth, the universe is so big that it is unreasonable to have no other life. Scientists firmly believe that as long as water resources and highly similar environment are found on a planet, life can be proved. After all, this has provided the initial conditions for the birth of life. Human beings should thank the earth. If the earth had not provided such abundant resources and abundant sunshine, human beings might have ceased to exist. How important is oxygen on earth? If disappear 5 seconds, or will endanger human survival!


Many substances on the earth are indispensable. Only with these substances can life be born. In many resources, besides water, oxygen is also an important gas. No matter human beings or other creatures breathe oxygen every day. Oxygen is a colorless and odorless gas. We can neither see its trace nor catch it, so it is often used Human neglect.


Someone once asked the question, if the oxygen on the earth suddenly disappeared for 5 seconds, what would the earth do? Many people don’t think it’s a big problem. After all, people can hold their breath in the water for a few minutes, let alone five seconds. Even if the oxygen disappears for a few minutes, human beings will not be affected. This is only from the perspective of human beings, without considering the impact of the earth. Every minute of oxygen is very important. Once it disappears, the impact on human beings on the earth will be extremely heavy Big one.


Although it’s only 5 seconds, the blue sky will become gray in 5 seconds. After all, the ozone layer can’t offset the harmful light from the sun. In the long run, it will cause skin cancer, and human beings will be seriously affected. Without oxygen, many metal industries will stop operation, and many materials can’t be refined. It’s not as good as we think Simple, time is about the earth, many people ignore it, its importance is self-evident.


Don’t mention five seconds. Even if one second disappears, it will cause subtle damage to the earth. Therefore, we should cherish all the resources provided by the earth. These resources should be rationally utilized. Many people over exploit resources for their own interests, resulting in the exhaustion of many resources. Everyone should do not waste, so that resources will not disappear one day, how do you understand oxygen? You can leave a message for interaction.

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