What happens if the human brain is 100% developed? The answer you’ll think of

In the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, a lot of life has appeared on the earth. But in the end, only human beings have evolved into intelligent life and become the overlord of the earth.

It took only millions of years for human beings to grow into intelligent life from birth to evolution. This is a miracle of life that makes human beings proud. You should know that dinosaurs 65 million years ago were also the overlord of the earth, but dinosaurs have not evolved into intelligent life after living on the earth for 160 million years. In the end, it was surpassed by the later living human beings.

The reason why human beings have been able to grow into intelligent life and intelligent civilization in a short period of millions of years is to continuously develop science and technology, go out of the earth and explore the universe. All this is inseparable from the fact that human beings have an intelligent brain. It is through constant thinking that human ancestors made the brain continuously evolve and develop, and finally become intelligent life. So the most mysterious part of the human body is our brain.

Some scientists have put forward a view that only 10% of the human brain can be used, and 90% of the brain is still in the undeveloped state. Some geniuses, such as Newton, Einstein and other great scientists, have made such achievements. Apart from their hard work, what is more important is that their brains are more developed and utilized than ordinary people More.


After Einstein’s death, his brain was used by scientists to do research. The research found that Einstein’s brain was really different. At the beginning, it reached 20%, twice the level of ordinary people. Although only 10% more than ordinary people, it made Einstein’s great life. I believe that Newton is a great scientist, and his brain development is certainly higher than that of ordinary people.

The degree of brain development determines a person’s innate conditions, so some people put forward such a question: if the degree of human brain development reaches 100%, what will happen? Will human beings be like gods? Let’s explore this problem from a scientific point of view.

There is no doubt that the degree of brain development determines a person’s innate advantages. Let’s take children as an example. I believe friends will find a phenomenon that some children show abnormal intelligence soon after they are born. They never forget and have excellent memory. These children are called prodigies. Other children need one day to pick up the same knowledge It may take only an hour or less for a child prodigy to receive and learn.

These children are born very smart. In fact, they have more brain areas than others, maybe only a few percentage points more, but their intelligence is extraordinary. They are much better than other children in learning, speaking, reaction and memory. As long as these children can work hard all the time, their future achievements will certainly surpass ordinary children Even another Einstein is possible.

Of course, if you are born with more brain development than others, you will become a child prodigy, but if you don’t study hard, you will eventually become an ordinary person. With advanced advantages, you need to work harder to become a great scientist like Einstein. If you don’t work hard to develop your brain, even if it’s higher than Einstein’s, it’s useless. There are too many examples of children who are child prodigies and become ordinary people when they grow up.


Brain development is so important, is it a good thing to develop to 100%? In fact, no, some scientists have found that the human brain has not evolved and developed again for 50000 years. That is to say, the human brain only used 10% 50000 years ago, but now it still only uses 10%. Why?

The development of science and technology of human beings today can not be compared with that of the ancients 50000 years ago, but in fact, human beings today are not much smarter than those 50000 years ago. We have such achievements now. =It’s just the accumulation of knowledge from generation to generation. So why doesn’t human brain development continue to grow? It may have something to do with human beings themselves.

The brain is also a part of the human body. All its activities naturally need energy. These energy are absorbed from the body. Our body energy is only enough to supply 10% of the development level of the brain. If the brain’s energy needs increase, the energy supply to other organs of the body will decrease, and the body will have problems.

So if the human brain is 100 percent developed, There will be two results, the most likely is that all the energy of the body is used to supply the brain, other organs of the body will fail or die without energy supply, the body will be seriously unbalanced, and the final outcome is death. Even if there is no death, there will be brain alive and body dead, similar to Hawking’s case.


There are also very few cases, that is, a few people have a very strong will. When the brain reaches 100%, the body does not break down. On the contrary, in order to adapt to the changes in the brain, some gene mutations begin to occur, that is, an evolution. But that would be rare. Then, when the brain develops 100% and the body evolves at the same time, this person may have some incredible abilities and powers, and may become a real Superman and a non-human existence. Of course, this is certainly a good thing. This is a higher life.

From this, we understand that 100% development of the brain is not necessarily a good thing. Even if human technology can do it in the future, it can not be implemented. If we want to continuously improve the development of the brain, we must first make the body strong and powerful. Only after the body has completed the evolution and can store more energy can we develop and strengthen the brain evolution.

There are also some scientists who believe that the human brain does not need to be specially developed at all. It only brings harm. The development of the brain is closely related to the body. When the human body has completed its evolution and become a higher-level existence, and there is more energy in the body, the brain will naturally develop according to the body’s energy Your body’s energy can supply 20% of the brain’s development level, and the brain will automatically develop to 20% without human intervention.

If this is the case, the main thing is to strengthen the evolution of the human body. To achieve this, we need to use human genetic technology. I believe that with the continuous development of human science and technology, the future genetic technology will be mature, and the human brain will also be developed synchronously by mutating the body through genetic agents.

My friends, what’s your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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