What happens if you blow a balloon in space? You’re going to see something different

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The place where human beings live is called the earth, and the space beyond the earth is the vast and mysterious universe. We live on the earth, many things happen under the rules of the earth, but the space environment, rules and so on are very different from the earth, so put things on the earth in space, you will see another scene, even a scene that we can’t understand and imagine.

There are many interesting things that happen in our daily life, one of which is blowing balloons. Balloon has many applications in people’s daily life, such as many festive festivals or things, people like to use a large number of balloons to set off the atmosphere. If you are engaged in wedding, acting and other work, then you must often deal with balloons, and naturally you can’t do without blowing balloons.


It is a very simple balloon blowing event in our daily life, but if it is put in space, it is also a very interesting and unexpected thing for many people. Someone may ask: what happens if you blow a balloon in space? I believe many people will think about this issue, so let’s discuss it together.

First of all, we need to understand a question: why can balloons keep expanding and burst when they expand to a certain extent? Many people may not be able to answer this question. In fact, this is mainly related to atmospheric pressure. As we all know, the earth has atmospheric pressure. Everything exists under the influence of atmospheric pressure. For example, just like the air pressure inside and outside the human body, we can live safely on the earth, and so are other surface life.

When we blow a balloon, it will continue to expand. The reason is that when we blow more gas into a limited balloon, the collision frequency between gas molecules will increase, causing the pressure in the balloon to rise. In this way, there is a pressure difference inside and outside the balloon, which makes the rubber wall of the balloon larger.


The pressure on the rubber wall of the balloon is limited. When the amount of gas blown into the balloon increases and the balloon expands to a critical state, it will explode. We will hear a violent balloon explosion. There are many such sounds, especially when some large balloons explode, the sound can become a huge noise.

When we blow a balloon on the earth, the size of the gas and whether it will explode are controllable. As long as we do not continue to blow air into the balloon, the expansion of the balloon will stop and there will be no explosion. But the same simple balloon blowing into space, the situation can be completely different.

As we all know, space is a vacuum environment, and there is basically no external atmospheric pressure. When a balloon arrives in space, there will be a huge pressure difference between the inside and outside. This pressure difference will make the balloon continue to expand, then reach the elastic limit of the rubber wall, and then explode. So in space, as long as we blow a breath into the balloon, something unexpected will happen: the balloon will continue to expand, and then it will explode soon. This process is very fast.


So when blowing a balloon in space, its size and whether it will explode are uncontrollable. As long as there is gas in the balloon, it will expand rapidly and then explode. Of course, because there is no sound transmission medium in space, even if the balloon explodes, we can’t hear any sound. It’s a silent explosion.

In space, we will experience many different scenes from the earth. On the earth, we can see the beautiful scene brought by a large number of balloons, but we can’t enjoy the scene of balloons expanding and exploding all over the sky. But in space, on the contrary, we can’t enjoy the scene of a large number of balloons floating in space. On the contrary, we can enjoy the scene of a large number of balloons expanding and exploding in space.

As long as we blow the balloon in the capsule, we don’t need to blow much, just blow the gas into the balloon. Then release these balloons out of the capsule, and you can watch the wonderful scene of balloon expansion and explosion, which may be even more wonderful.


When we know the scene of balloons in space, we can naturally think of why astronauts need to wear spacesuits when they work in space. In addition to providing oxygen and resisting certain cosmic radiation, another more important reason is to balance the internal and external pressure difference of human body.

We all know that the gas in the human body is a standard atmospheric pressure, so that we can live safely on the earth. But in space, it is in a vacuum state. Without the protection of spacesuit, the human body is equivalent to the gas in space, expanding under a huge pressure difference. I believe everyone knows the final result.

Therefore, an important role of spacesuit is to provide a standard atmospheric pressure environment, so that the pressure inside and outside the body is the same, isolating the vacuum environment of space. From this, we can also see how difficult it is for astronauts to carry out missions and work in space. We should be careful everywhere. As long as there is a mistake, it will be the price of life.


Some people may ask: is it impossible for all life on earth to survive without protection in space? Of course not. At present, scientists have found that there is only one kind of life on earth that can survive in the space environment, and that is the tiny water bear. This is the most tenacious life on earth. What’s more powerful is that it can survive in space for a period of time without any protection.

If human beings can have the tenacious survival ability of water bear, they will be more applied in space exploration. Naturally, scientists have thought of this problem, so now they begin to study the mystery of water bear. Maybe in the future, humans can also become new humans through genetic transformation, with stronger space survival ability.

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