What happens if you fall into a black hole? Scientist: you’ll stretch like spaghetti

After the first black hole photo was released, people all over the world were very curious, what would happen if they fell into this black hole circle? So scientists have actually summed up a lot of theories. Below, Xiaobian will bring you what happens when you fall into a black hole?


Under the most extreme conditions, if you set it wrong, you may fall into a black hole. A black hole is a celestial body composed of a large amount of material, with infinite density, infinite curvature of space-time and infinitely small volume. Once it falls into the black hole, it cannot escape, even light cannot escape.

When you get close to the horizon of a black hole, something very unusual happens, and when you cross the horizon, things get worse. So once you cross this invisible boundary, you will never be able to escape from the black hole.


So, let’s go back to the beginning.


When you are far away from the black hole, the space-time structure will not be very curved. In fact, when you are far away from the black hole, its gravity is no different from that of other mass objects, such as neutron stars, stars, or diffuse nebulae. You may feel that the curvature is absorbed, but because you are far away, you will only think that it is the gravity of other stars.

Because even if you really replace a black hole with other stars, it will be the same. You will be attracted by their gravity and fall into it.


When you start to approach the black hole, things will start to change.


Your body will be pushed by a strange force. If your feet are closer to the horizon of the black hole than your head, your head and feet will be elongated, and both sides of your body will be compressed. This is called tidal force, which is the same force that causes the movement of the earth’s oceans.

The larger the mass of the black hole, the stronger its tidal force will be. Your body will feel more pulling force. Finally, you will be pulled into thin strips, just like the spaghetti.


Scientists have long known about this phenomenon. In fact, they have a super interesting word to describe what happens when they fall into a black hole, which is the spaghetti effect.


Even if you are a perfect sphere, you will still be stretched and compressed by gravity when you are close to the black hole. The force in the center of the object is the average net force, and different points in the center bear different net forces, which forms the spaghetti effect.

Your body will be pulled very long, very thin, very soft, and then become like spaghetti. From an optimistic point of view, it is fascinating to see black holes. From a distance, you can see the curved space around black holes, just like this super massive object, which has a huge cosmic lens to distort all the light around.


However, imagine that you travel through the universe in an indestructible spaceship. When you get close to the black hole, you will find some strange phenomena. When you get close to the black hole twice as far, its size becomes more than twice as big as what you saw before.


When you halve the distance again, it will become bigger than expected, different from other celestial bodies.

A black hole is much bigger than it looks. The closer it is, the bigger it looks. This is because of its strong curvature of space-time. According to general relativity, space-time will bend under the action of gravitational field, and the light around the black hole deflects more severely because of the distortion of space-time, forming a large dark disk, which becomes the horizon area of the black hole.


The principle is very simple. The mass of the celestial body will lead to space-time distortion. The closer you get to those celestial bodies with extremely high density and mass, such as black holes, the higher the space-time rate will become. At this time, you will feel the strong tidal force of the black hole, and your body will be stretched by it.


In addition, the light around the black hole will also be seriously distorted. When you slowly approach the surface of the black hole, you will find that the background sky around the black hole is distorted, and the horizon begins to occupy your whole field of vision.

As you get closer to the horizon, it begins to surround you




The most terrible thing is that once you cross this horizon, your destiny will be doomed. Crossing the horizon is the center of the black hole, which is called singularity. It will compress you into subatomic particles in a few seconds, which is even smaller than atoms.

However, if you haven’t crossed the horizon, you still have a chance to escape from the black hole




As long as there is enough acceleration, you can get rid of the black hole’s gravity and return to the gradually flattened space-time. If you choose to continue to go to the black hole’s horizon, you will finally see that the starlight compresses into a small point behind you, which will become blue due to the blue shift of gravity.

At the last moment before you enter the horizon, this point will become red, white, and then blue. That’s because at the last moment, you see the light reflected by cosmic microwave and radio, and then, endless darkness.


After entering the horizon


You will find that there is no light in the outer space at all. No matter how you fly the spaceship, no matter what you do, it’s futile. When you enter the horizon, there is no way out. All you see is the singularity. No matter which direction you go, the singularity will be in front of you. Then, due to the serious distortion of time and space, it becomes strange, so in fact, you won’t really see it This kind of singularity.

Although a few seconds across the horizon


You will be crushed, but in a very large black hole, there may be a passage to another space, which may be a white hole, another universe, or another real world hidden behind the horizon.


The late Stephen Hawking had his own views on the interior of black holes. This physics genius believed that there might be a channel inside black holes, leading to another world. ‘if you’re in a black hole, don’t give up, because there’s a way out,’ he said in 2016.

He claimed that there may be another world inside the black hole, provided that the volume of the black hole must be very large, and the hole must be spiral, then the black hole may lead to another universe, and you can directly enter the black hole from the outside and escape to another universe.

But the problem is, you will never be able to go back to our universe. There are also theories that crossing into another space-time may erase your past, because the law of existence there is different from the space-time where we exist. The new space-time is not constrained by our space-time rules, and may even be completely different from our space-time.

Where black and white are upside down, chaotic, the future and the past can be interchanged, what do you think will happen if you fall into a black hole? Welcome to comment area.

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