What happens if you pour enough water on the sun? The possible consequences are unbearable to mankind

The sun is a star, it manages all the planets in the solar system, the planets in the solar system have to revolve around the sun. At the same time, the light and heat from the sun are also the main conditions for life on earth. Without the light and heat from the sun, there would be no birth of life on earth, let alone the birth of human beings. Therefore, the mother of human beings can be said to be the earth or the sun.

As for why the sun can burn, scientists have studied for many years and finally revealed some secrets. It turns out that the burning of the sun is different from our ordinary chemical burning. It is a kind of nuclear fusion reaction and a higher burning mode.

The sun has been burning for 5 billion years since its birth. Someone once proposed such an idea: what would happen if enough water was poured on the sun? Some people say it will put out the sun. Is it true? Scientists tell you that enough water can’t put out the sun, on the contrary, the consequences may be unbearable for human beings, so why on earth? Now let’s discuss it together.


In our cognition, fire and water are not forced. Water can extinguish water. The reason why this happens is that our cognitive combustion mode needs oxygen to support combustion, and water can isolate oxygen for a short time. Without the help of oxygen, water will go out naturally. The same principle is used by firefighters to extinguish fire, which is to isolate the contact between fire and oxygen through water The purpose of fire.

Can the sun also be extinguished by water? The answer is No. some people may say that as long as there is enough water, the sun can still be extinguished. In fact, this view is wrong. The reason why the sun cannot be extinguished through water is that the burning mode of the sun is nuclear fusion reaction. The sun looks like a huge burning fireball, but in fact it burns only in the core.

At the core, the sun’s own huge gravity will force hydrogen atoms to collide with each other to form helium atoms, which is called hydrogen fusion, which can produce huge energy. Therefore, the fuel of the sun is hydrogen, and it does not need oxygen to support combustion. The photons and energy produced by nuclear fusion reaction are ejected to the surface of the sun, forming a picture of burning.

Therefore, if enough water is used to irrigate the sun, it is impossible to extinguish the sun. On the contrary, it will make the nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun more intense. Why? If enough water is poured into the sun, the water will be absorbed by the sun under the action of the sun’s gravity, and the mass of the sun will become larger and larger. At this time, the gravitational collapse effect will become stronger and stronger.


At the same time, due to the extremely high temperature of the sun, when water is close to the sun, it will continue to decompose into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Hydrogen atom is the fuel required by the sun’s nuclear fusion, so watering the sun is actually to increase the combustion of the sun, but it will make the sun more and more prosperous, and the consequences will be very terrible.

The reason why life on earth can survive is closely related to the distance from the sun. The earth is in a livable zone, and the light and heat of the sun are just suitable for the survival of life on earth. If you water the sun a lot, the nuclear fusion reaction of the sun will become more and more intense, the sun will burn more and more vigorously, the solar radiation will become more and more intense, and the temperature will also be higher and higher.

As the solar radiation becomes stronger, the temperature of the earth will become higher and higher, which is not a good thing for life. Slowly, the earth’s orbit has become a burning zone instead of a habitable zone. The temperature of the earth’s surface is rising, and life will continue to perish even if it can’t stand such a high temperature. Although mankind has the help of science and technology, it may not be affected much for the time being.


But as the temperature gets higher and higher, the earth’s fires continue, crops cannot be planted, and the ocean will not continue to evaporate. It is possible that the earth will become the second Venus and a purgatory planet. In order to survive, human beings have to leave the earth and go to other planets to live.

In addition to this reason, pouring enough water into the sun may also lead to a more terrible disaster, that is, supernova explosion. Although the supernova explosion is a phenomenon that only occurs at the end of the evolution of stars, if the sun is stimulated by external forces, this kind of explosion may detonate in advance. At that time, the entire solar system may be directly destroyed, and there will be no more earth.

It can be seen that the sun is a powder keg. It’s better not to let it develop naturally, and we can’t take excessive external influence on it. Otherwise, it may bring us unbearable consequences. Watering out the sun with enough water is a kind of stupid and wrong behavior. This kind of behavior is the same reason as someone once proposed to dig through the earth. It is a destructive idea and should not be done.

Of course, watering the sun with enough water is also a conjecture. The sun is a huge star. Although there is no lack of water rich stars in the universe, it is difficult to implement it. Maybe there will be a way to make a planet full of water collide with the sun in the future. However, even if there is technology to do it in the future, we can’t do it. The sun is the same as the earth’s environment, We need to protect them. We can’t destroy them.


Can’t the sun be extinguished? Of course, it is not. Someone once proposed the method of using small black holes to extinguish the sun. Although this method is bold, it may be the best way to extinguish the sun. Using the powerful phagocytic ability of black holes to devour a large amount of hydrogen and other substances on the sun, as long as there is no fuel hydrogen, the sun will naturally go out, but this method also has great risks.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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