What happens if you put crocodiles in the sea and sharks in the river?

When it comes to the most frightening animals, crocodiles, tigers, lions and sharks are almost blurted out. They all dominate their own habitats and stand at the top of their own biological chains. Tigers and lions are OK, because we humans live on land all the time. Compared with the marine environment, land is still more familiar. The most frightening are crocodiles and sharks. If they meet in their habitat, there is basically no possibility of escape. Sharks and crocodiles are both ferocious and notorious in their respective fields. What would happen if sharks were thrown into rivers and crocodiles into the sea?


The shark was there



He lived on the earth 300 million years ago, more than 500 million years ago. He has been living in the ocean, and is also known as “wolf in the sea”. It can be said that as the top of the marine food chain, except for a few animals, they can basically walk horizontally in the sea. Sharks are particularly sensitive to odors, especially the smell of blood. They can smell the blood of injured people and marine animals several kilometers away, and track their sources. Sharks can even smell more than dogs on land.


Sharks are aquatic animals. If you put them in the environment where crocodiles live, they can live comfortably in a relatively wide river. But we still have to distinguish between two kinds of sharks, freshwater sharks and marine sharks. If it’s a freshwater shark, it’s OK for us to put it into the environment where crocodiles live. But if it’s a marine shark, because the oxygen content in seawater and fresh water is different, the osmotic pressure on the shark in fresh water can’t adjust its own balance. So if it’s a marine shark, it can die soon.

Crocodiles lived on the earth about 140 million years ago and belong to the dinosaur family. Today, the rest of the family are extinct, and only the tenacious crocodile has survived to this day. Crocodile is a kind of vertebrate amphibian, which belongs to reptile. It is known as the overlord of swamp. Although its image is ugly and its limbs are short, its action is very flexible and its speed is extremely fast. It has no rival in its own field of life. But what happens if you throw crocodiles into the ocean?


If you put the crocodile in the sea, the environment where the shark lives, the crocodile can’t survive, I’m afraid it will die soon. This is because although many crocodiles live in water, they are not amphibians, but reptiles. Crocodiles rely on holding their breath under the water when they are lurking in the water. They need to float on the water to breathe from time to time. For this reason, crocodiles can’t survive in the environment where sharks live. In addition, the salt content in Shanghai is very high. In addition to the Bay crocodile, which has adapted to high salinity water, other crocodiles can’t survive Being unable to live in the sea is similar to the reason for sharks, which is related to osmotic pressure, and alligators only live in coastal areas, not in the deep sea where sharks live. So if you put crocodiles in the sea, crocodiles will not be able to adapt to it, and there is a great chance that they will not survive.

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