What happens to human beings when the oxygen content of the earth doubles? The Carboniferous scene tells everything!

What happens to human beings when the oxygen content of the earth doubles? The Carboniferous scene tells everything!


The most indispensable resources on the earth include water and oxygen. Water is the root of all living things, which is called the source of life. Every living thing should take in enough water every day, otherwise the balance of the body will be destroyed. Oxygen is as important as water, and the oxygen content on earth is not constant.

Since the birth of the earth, it has been weather beaten. The environment before the early days was bad, but now it has gradually stabilized. The oxygen content has been changing imperceptibly, from the initial anaerobic environment to the present 21% oxygen content. For all living things, the oxygen content is rich enough to satisfy them. Is the higher the oxygen content, the better? In response to this problem, scientists put forward bold conjecture, if the oxygen content on the earth increases to 90%, what kind of impact will it bring to the earth? What happens to human beings when the oxygen content of the earth doubles? The Carboniferous scene tells everything!


What changes will oxygen enriched environment bring?


Looking back on the past history, the earth once experienced a stage of oxygen enrichment, with oxygen content as high as 35%. In the Carboniferous period, animals and plants were everywhere, and the size of animals was small, so that the vegetation grew very luxuriant. At that time, the earth was covered by forests. As we all know, forest vegetation can absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen through photosynthesis. If there are too many vegetation, the oxygen content on the earth will increase significantly and the carbon dioxide content will become lower and lower. Due to the problem of high oxygen content, the ocean current on the earth has changed, the weather is getting drier and drier, the oxygen is gradually reduced, and eventually the frequency of fire is getting higher and higher.

Oxygen has another identity, that is, combustion supporting agent. The higher the concentration of oxygen, the more intense its combustion reaction. In the Carboniferous period, there were often fires and smoke caused by lightning, and countless vegetation were burned to death. Once a fire happened, it would not only last for a long time, but also destroy large areas. Today, the earth’s vegetation area is very wide, animals live carefree, the temperature is not so cold.


What happens when oxygen reaches 90%?


If the oxygen content really reaches 90%, first of all, it is certain that vegetation is difficult to survive. Without vegetation, oxygen can not be produced on the earth, and the temperature will drop. There may be a big ice age, countless animals and plants will die or enter the hibernation period, fires will continue, and the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere will be higher and higher. A new round of mass extinction is likely to start on the earth. For those aerobic organisms, excessive absorption of oxygen is equivalent to absorption of toxic gas.

Take human beings as an example. When oxygen enters the human body, some oxygen free radicals will take away the electrons of cells and make cells become free radicals. While taking away the electrons of other cells, this balance will be broken, and human beings will accelerate aging and eventually die. If the oxygen content really reaches 90%, if human beings do not take good measures to deal with it, human beings will also go to a road of no return, so we should always pay attention to the changes in the ecological chain. Oxygen is closely related to the survival of all creatures on the earth. What else do you know about oxygen? You can leave a message for interaction.

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