What happens to the earth if the sea disappears suddenly? You’ll see after reading it

The total volume of the earth’s sea water is about 1.32 billion cubic kilometers, and the weight of a cubic kilometer is more than 1 billion tons.


Even the sudden dam break of large and medium-sized reservoirs will cause great disasters, sudden changes of pressure, and even earthquakes.

Compared with the world’s oceans, reservoirs are too small to cause major accidents. If the sea water suddenly disappears, what will happen to the earth?


If the sea disappears suddenly, it will empty out about 1.32 billion cubic kilometers of space, and the air will quickly occupy the bottom of the sea in 60 seconds.


The existing air on the earth has been diluted, which means that the global altitude has increased by 4000 meters on average, and the temperature has to drop by at least 25 degrees Celsius. All people will have altitude reaction.

Three or four billion years ago, with the emergence of marine life, the seabed began to accumulate marine life debris and metabolizing substances, so now there is a lot of methane in the mud at the bottom of the ocean.


If all the seawater disappears and there is no water pressure, the methane deposited on the seabed will boil and enter the atmosphere, and explosions will occur one after another.


If the sea water disappears completely, the asthenosphere on the seafloor will lose the weight of sea water, and a large number of volcanic magma will erupt instantaneously, but at the same time, gushing out huge lava.

The disappearing sea water will be replaced by magma, and the ocean will become a complete sea of fire. And this two thousand degree magma encounters methane gas rising into the atmosphere, and the earth will be ignited until oxygen is exhausted.


What’s worse, all the creatures on earth that need oxygen to breathe are at stake. Algae provide 70% of the earth’s oxygen. If the sea water disappears, these plants will be extinct, and the earth’s oxygen supply will be in short supply.


The disappearance of all the sea water means that we will lose 97% of the water resources on the earth, and only 3% of the water will exist in the form of frost because of the cooling. Two weeks after the disappearance of the sea water, the precipitation will also be affected, because all the precipitation on the earth comes from the evaporation of water vapor in the ocean, forming high-pressure clouds, and floating to the land to form rainfall.

Once the sea water dries up, there will be no more rain clouds and no rain. Then drought will sweep the world, plants will die one after another, and the more fresh water is used, the less organisms will die out.


It will also cause the largest fire in human history, which will release a large amount of carbon dioxide and produce the greenhouse effect. The temperature will soar rapidly, and the average temperature of the earth will rise by 20 ~ 30 degrees Celsius, and this vicious circle will follow.


When the proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reaches 95%, the surface atmospheric pressure increases 92 times, and the temperature can soar to 462 ℃.

The whole biological chain of the earth will be destroyed. The earth will fade away from its blue color and become a gray and lifeless planet. In the end, it will completely lose its qualification of breeding life. In a few years, the earth will look almost like Mars and Venus.


We can see how important sea water is to the earth. What do you think will happen to the earth if the sea disappears suddenly? Welcome to comment area.


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