What happens to the other end of a black hole? Scientists put forward three possible conjectures

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On April 10, 2019, the first black hole in the history of human science finally came out. People finally know part of the true face of the black hole. It has a lot of similarities with the black hole photos that scientists suspect. The publication of black hole photos has finally confirmed this once suspected celestial body, and people no longer need to doubt the authenticity of the existence of black holes.

Black hole is a kind of celestial body in Einstein’s theory of relativity conjecture. Its biggest characteristic is that it has super strong gravity and phagocytic power. In the universe, as long as the stars and photons enter its horizon, they cannot escape the fate of being engulfed by it. Although black holes are also called celestial bodies by the scientific community, they are different from the solid objects in our cognition, such as stars, planets, neutron stars, pulsars, etc. they all have obvious solid structure, while black holes have no obvious solid structure.


If we insist on the physical structure of a black hole, it may be the mysterious singularity at its center. Does this singularity exist and what is it? It’s still in the guessing stage. How did black holes form such a mysterious and powerful celestial body? The idea put forward by scientists is the corpse of a star. It is the product of supernova explosion when a super massive star comes to the end of its life.

If black holes are evolved from the death of stars, then the number of black holes in the universe should be very large. After the big bang, the earliest kind of celestial bodies may be a large number of stars. After the big bang, the huge energy generated in an instant was transformed into various basic elements, among which hydrogen is the most important.

Other light elements and heavy elements in the universe are basically evolved from hydrogen, and the thing that evolves hydrogen is the star, which is equivalent to the extraction factory of the universe. Through nuclear fusion reaction, hydrogen is transformed into other elements and released into the universe, and then other things are formed. It can be seen that there were more stars in the early universe, many of which were super massive stars. The life span of these stars was very short, ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of years. After their death, they evolved into black holes.


Although we know the origin of black holes, we still know nothing about the nature of black holes. What scientists want to know most is what will happen at the other end of the black hole? Black holes may be said to be able to devour endless matter, until now, scientists have not found any black hole phagocytosis to a certain extent will not devour, as long as it gives enough material, it can even devour the whole universe.

The black hole has such a strong phagocytic ability, where is the material swallowed by it? Will these substances disappear out of thin air? This seems to violate the laws of modern physics. Therefore, scientists have put forward several conjectures about the situation at the other end of the universe. Let’s take a look at them together.

The first conjecture: there is a white hole at the other end of the universe, and the material swallowed by the black hole ejects from the white hole at the other end. Only in this way can we explain why the black hole can have endless phagocytic ability. If it is a sealed channel, then the phagocytic capacity of the black hole must be limited, just like a person, no matter how big his stomach is, he will always be full. But if he can’t eat enough all the time, it may be that the food he eats is soon discharged from other channels.


The same is true of black holes. If they can devour matter endlessly and have no limit, it means that they may not be a closed channel, but have an exit, which may be a white hole. So where is the white hole? Scientists have not yet found any evidence of the existence of the white hole, nor observed where there is a large amount of material ejected in the universe.

In this case, one may be that the white hole does not exist at all, the other may be that the space where the white hole is located is beyond the scope of human observation, or it is not in our universe at all, but in another special space that we can not understand at all. This space is connected with various black holes in the universe, and is specially used to collect the matter swallowed up by black holes.

The second conjecture: black hole is a space-time channel connecting other parallel spaces. Parallel universe, parallel world is a conjecture put forward by modern scientists. Some scientists speculate that our universe is not unique, but presents a pluralistic situation. One possibility is that there is more space outside our universe, where there are countless universes; the other possibility is that there are countless parallel spaces overlapped with our universe, forming a multi-dimensional universe.


No matter what kind of parallel universe, if we want to find the evidence of their possible existence, we must find the channel that can connect them, and the black hole may be such a hub, connecting other parallel universes, parallel space.

The third conjecture: the black hole is a wormhole, the other end is far away from the depths of the universe. Wormhole is also a conjecture in Einstein’s theory of relativity. It is equivalent to a door. This side of the door is our current position, and another measurement of the door may be tens of light years, hundreds of light years or even farther space. Through this gate, we can quickly reach distant galaxies, which is much faster than the speed of superlumine in our imagination. It’s a real interstellar shuttle.

The existence of wormholes is too important for human beings. We all know that the vast universe takes light years as the basic unit, and the speed of light is incredible in our eyes, but it can only be regarded as the basic speed at the cosmic scale. Even if humans can fly at the speed of light, it will take 200000 years for us to get out of the galaxy.


Some people suggest that as long as human beings can fly faster than light, we can cross the universe, but in fact, this idea is very naive. Even if the speed of light exceeds the speed of light, it may be possible for human beings to fly out of the galaxy, but it is almost impossible to travel all over the universe. Although there is no definite value for superluminal speed, according to the 93 billion light-year cosmic range that can be observed by human beings at present, even if we achieve hundreds of millions of times the speed of light, we may not be able to complete the present observable cosmic range.

What’s more, the 93 billion observable universe of mankind may be just the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe, just a grain of dust. The real universe may be far beyond our imagination. In this case, scientists think of wormholes, which are totally beyond our imagination. Wormholes can ignore the space distance. Even if they are separated by tens of billions of light years, they can also realize rapid shuttle through a wormhole.

Although scientists have proposed the wormhole in the conjecture, it is still unknown whether the wormhole exists. Some scientists speculate that black holes may be wormholes. If so, there will be many wormholes in the universe. Although only supermassive black holes with obvious accretion disks can be observed, it does not mean that there are few black holes in the universe.


In fact, according to the research of scientists, there are a large number of black holes in the universe. There may be many black holes in or around the solar system. However, due to the small size of general black holes, there is no large amount of material around them, and they will not form obvious accretion disks, so we can’t observe them.

Only with the rapid development of human science and technology, we can find new black holes without observing accretion disks in the future, and we can find a large number of small black holes in the universe. Maybe there are such small black holes in the solar system. At that time, we can get close to the black hole to detect, or even send a detector into the black hole to determine its other end. If it is finally determined that it is a wormhole, then the glory of human beings will come. We don’t need to develop any speed of light technology, super speed of light technology can realize interstellar shuttle.

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