What happens when a black hole falls into a wormhole? Scientist: maybe there will be a mysterious gravitational wave

Which is more powerful, black hole or wormhole? What happens when a black hole falls into a wormhole? See these problems you will be confused! Black hole is a kind of celestial body in the universe, and wormhole is indeed a narrow tunnel connecting two different spacetimes, which is considered to exist. These are two things with different properties. How can we compare them?


black hole

In 1916, German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild obtained a vacuum solution of Einstein’s gravitational field equation through calculation, which is the reason why black holes were first proposed, so the existence of black holes has been confirmed.


The mystery of the black hole makes countless people topple, its density is infinite, its volume is infinitely small, and its gravity is so big that even light can’t escape. Therefore, if we want to evaluate the most magical phenomena or things in the universe, black holes bear the brunt.



Wormholes, like black holes, are derived from Einstein’s gravitational field equation.


Wormhole was first proposed by Austrian physicist Ludwig Fromm in 1916. In 1930, when Einstein and Nathan Rosen studied the equation of gravitational field, they assumed that wormhole could make instantaneous space transfer or time travel. But so far, scientists have not observed any evidence of wormholes.


What happens when a black hole falls into a wormhole?

Although the evidence for the existence of wormholes has not been found, we might as well make a hypothesis. If wormholes really exist, what will happen between them and black holes?


According to the latest research, if wormholes really exist, they can devour black holes. Don’t doubt that you’re not wrong. The black hole that you swallow can also be swallowed by other objects. Some astronomers believe that they can use a kind of space-time wave called gravitational wave to detect the black hole falling into the wormhole. If the wormhole does exist, there may have been a wormhole engulfing the black hole.


After decades of research since Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves in 1916, scientists finally detected the first direct evidence of the existence of gravitational waves in 2016 using the laser interference gravitational wave observatory (LIGO).

Assuming the existence of wormholes, scientists studied the gravitational signal generated by the black hole when it moves around the wormhole, and explored and analyzed what happens when the black hole enters the wormhole.


Through a computer model, the researchers analyzed the interaction between a black hole with 5 times the mass of the sun and a wormhole with 200 times the mass of the sun. When the entrance diameter of the wormhole is 60 times the diameter of the black hole, the black hole can stably pass through the wormhole. In the process of black hole entering and leaving wormhole, there will be gravitational signal, and this signal is unprecedented.


When two black holes are close to each other, their orbital velocity will increase. If they collide, gravitational waves will produce a huge explosion. When the black hole spirals into the wormhole, the gravitational waves from the black hole will decay rapidly, because the black hole will radiate most of the gravitational waves to the other end of the wormhole.

When a black hole appears from the wormhole, it will find an “anti chirp”. The time between each chirp and anti chirp will decrease with time until the black hole is stuck somewhere in the wormhole.


If so, eventually the black hole will stop falling in or out of the wormhole and stay near the “throat” of the black hole. Maybe this will increase the quality of the wormhole, but if the wormhole can not be stabilized, it will cause space-time chaos. However, as long as the mass of the wormhole is larger than the black hole it encounters, it can remain stable.

Xiaobian believes that perhaps in a few years, scientists will have further research to confirm the existence of wormholes and explore the real relationship between black holes and wormholes.

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