What happens when all the deserts on earth become oases? Scientists publish conjecture map!

What happens when all the deserts on earth become oases? Scientists publish conjecture map!


There are blue sky, vast sea and dense forest on the earth. These beautiful pictures make the earth colorful. It is fortunate that human beings grow up in such a harmonious environment, providing light and heat, as well as water, oxygen and other resources, which human beings can obtain according to their own needs. Nowadays, human beings have been living on the earth for millions of years, and they have a deep-rooted position. Many potential problems are gradually exposed.


While human beings are demanding the earth’s resources, they have been wasting too much. Many resources are facing the risk of shortage. If we can’t find alternative resources in the future, these resources will disappear completely. There are many deserts on the earth. There is an extreme lack of water in the desert. Many explorers often get lost in the desert. Once there is no water and food, they will eventually die. Nowadays, the contradiction between human beings and deserts is becoming increasingly fierce. Many people begin to take root in the desert in order to turn these deserts into vibrant oases. What happens when all the deserts on earth become oases? Scientists publish conjecture map!


Too many creatures are not allowed to survive in the desert, which hinders the communication between people. To be sure, those who can survive in the desert are not easy. Once scientists found a kind of fish in the desert, that is moqiang. It has a long history. It has survived resolutely in the desert. Unfortunately, its number is rare, and there are only less than 100 in the world. The desert, dotted with these creatures, is gradually full of vitality. Scientists have been analyzing the status of deserts for a long time. Many people are puzzled. If all the deserts on the earth become oases, what will happen?


In people’s eyes, the environment of desert is quite different from that of oasis. It is obvious that oasis has a mild environment and sufficient resources. When all of them become oases, human beings will have another place to go. However, scientists think about it carefully and feel that something is wrong. It’s a good thing that desert becomes oasis, but there are also many disadvantages. The earth is a water ball. Although it has 70% of the ocean, the fresh water resources it can use are very scarce. Since childhood, our teacher taught us to save water and extract fresh water from the ocean after a long period of filtration.


If all the deserts become oases, the green area will certainly increase, the oxygen content will increase, and many organisms will die because of the oxygen rich environment. Many species will be completely extinct, and the new environment will make the organisms on the earth evolve again. As for the direction of evolution, it is still unknown. Although the oasis has a mild environment, it is certainly not suitable for human long-term survival. If we maintain a good balance between the desert and the oasis, we will not develop new species. If we replace all of them with oases, it will only endanger the future survival of human beings.


Moreover, there are many creatures in the desert. Once there is no desert environment, they will go extinct. Everything in nature has laws to follow. If it goes against the laws of nature, it will backfire. The existence of deserts and oases can better maintain the ecological balance. We should not let this balance be destroyed. What’s your view on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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