What happens when an astronaut accidentally falls into space? Scientist: life is in danger!

It is no doubt that science and technology is the first productive force. It is also reflected in people’s quality of life and the overall strength of the country. The vigorous development of science and technology in the past century has raised human civilization to an unprecedented height and ushered in a new era in which everything is possible.


With the rise of science and technology and the gradual understanding of the earth, people no longer confine their vision to the earth, but turn their curiosity and desire to explore to the mysterious universe. On July 21, 1969, it was the first time that human beings left the earth and stood on a planet that human beings had never set foot in. At this moment, all the people on the earth cheered and were excited. Because this step has opened up the whole history of mankind and ushered in a new future for mankind. While sighing about its smallness, it also feels the mysterious and charming rhythm of the universe, as if it is attracting everyone.

When it comes to space, we have to mention a career that makes people respect — astronaut. Although many people admire the work of astronauts, being able to feel the difference in space from the earth in a short distance and see different landscapes, the fact will never be so simple. Most people will be deterred just by the criteria for selecting astronauts. And space is also different from the earth. After leaving the earth, all the astronauts are concentrated in a restricted and narrow space, which may be the case for several weeks in a row. It is also different from the gravity that we have been used to, the oppressive environment, the irregular day and night, and at the same time, it also bears strong work pressure, which we ordinary people can’t understand.


The most important thing is that at the same time of work, there may be life-threatening! After landing on the planet, astronauts will go out of the cabin to carry out the investigation mission. At this time, there will be a device connected with the aircraft on the spacesuit worn by the astronauts. Although all kinds of confirmation are made before carrying out the mission, it can not be ruled out that the fracture occurs due to special reasons. If the astronaut is not around the companion or aircraft at this time, the astronaut will directly fall into space, so the chance of survival will be very small.


Space is a state of vacuum and weightlessness, accompanied by cosmic rays harmful to human body, which cannot be irradiated for a long time. Secondly, although wearing a space suit, the oxygen provided inside is also limited and cannot be provided to people for a long time. The absorption of oxygen also means that life is coming to an end. It’s not only the oxygen problem, but also the garbage and fragments of meteorites abandoned by human beings in space. These fragments are very sharp and can cause harm to human body. If the astronauts really fall into space, the probability of survival can be said to be a near death.

The development of science and technology is obvious to all, but behind it, there is no lack of astronauts’ blood and tired efforts. They have been doing their own things in obscurity to shine and heat for our country and the whole human civilization.

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