What happens when gravity disappears for five seconds? The consequences are unimaginable

What happens when gravity disappears for five seconds? There are bound to be earth shaking changes.


Don’t underestimate the five second gravitational action of the earth, even if it is only for a moment, or even a second, the impact is very huge, and all life we know will be ended. Because our earth is playing its role all the time.

As we all know, gravity is one of the inherent nature of mass, and objects will attract each other, and gravity can shorten the distance between different objects. When the mass of the object is larger, the gravity will be stronger. When the distance between objects is shorter, the gravity will be stronger.


The mass of the earth is 5.96 × 10 kg. For the creatures on the earth, the mass of the earth is very huge. And the earth is very close to us, so there is gravity. So we can walk and run on the ground, and the apple can also hit Newton, so Newton can find the secret.


The earth can revolve around the sun precisely because the mass of the sun is large enough, and the sun can hold 1 million earths, so there is enough gravity to attract the earth and other planets in the solar system, called their centers, and let them revolve around the sun.

Because the earth is always in the state of revolution and rotation, if the gravity disappears for 5 seconds, all objects will fly out because of inertia, and then 5 seconds later, they will fall heavily to the ground because of the recovery of gravity.


If you are lucky enough to survive at this time, you will see a messy world. But there is no if at this time.


The earth’s environment will also be seriously affected. Because there is no gravity, at the moment when gravity disappears, the earth’s atmosphere will come out of bondage, frantically “release itself” and escape into the universe.

Once the “protective film” of the atmosphere is destroyed, all life will face serious survival problems.


And all the buildings, vehicles, creatures, water, air, and even magma on the earth will splash in five seconds when gravity disappears.


Once gravity recovers, the world will be devastated, beyond recognition, with disastrous consequences.

Moreover, when the gravity disappears, the air pressure will suddenly disappear. Once there is no air pressure, people will explode blood vessels because of the pressure in their body. You know that scene, you can’t imagine it.


The earth’s billions of years of evolution were destroyed in a flash, not only returning to its original shape, but also in a mess.


This shows how important gravity is to all things in the world. Although it can’t be seen or touched, its influence on us is very important. We can’t leave it or stand its instant change.

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