What happens when humans discover higher dimensional creatures? The human race is in a bit of a slump

The universe is so vast that human curiosity and desire for exploration have not stopped. For such a long time, from the earth to the solar system and then to the Milky way, due to the limitation of the development level of science and technology, human understanding of the universe has not made great progress.


Our space can be divided into 0-dimensional space, 1-dimensional space and 2-dimensional space. No living things have been found in the 0-1-dimensional space for the time being, but there is a living thing in the 2-dimensional space, which is our common insect ant. Why is it a two-dimensional creature? Most people think that ants are the same as us, but if you study biology, you must know that ants are an organism. What they see is two-dimensional plane vision. In other words, everything in front of them is paper-based, including us.

The world of ants is like this. What about us humans? We are more advanced three-dimensional creatures than ants. We can see three-dimensional objects in our eyes. For example, when we stand in front of a house, we can clearly see its width, height and depth, so we are a very lucky race. So if we’re on top of this dimension. If we continue to upgrade, what dimensional creatures will appear?


In the process of human exploration, there are various problems, as if the more we know, the more we think, and even doubt whether we exist. Some people think that humans are like frogs in a well. Frogs can never jump out of a deep well, and humans can never understand the whole universe. It is true that with the help of current technology and the successful construction of relevant theoretical system, although we can measure the universal laws of the universe, we still can not explain the existence of some special celestial bodies in the universe.


Like a black hole, it is a special celestial body, which is formed after the death of a star. We are afraid of its huge gravity, because it always can’t really get close to and reach the inside of the black hole, and we haven’t found the exact answer to whether the black hole has an outlet and where the material it devours goes.

Compared with the 92 billion light-years of the universe as we know it, the earth is not as good as a grain of dust, and the level of human technology is not enough to support the relevant research. It will take hundreds of years to break away from the solar system, and to surpass the speed of light requires us to make long-term evolution.


At this time, it’s time for scientists to say that we can’t see the existence of four-dimensional organisms. Just as we didn’t find ants, we don’t know whether there are four-dimensional organisms. But if four-dimensional organisms really exist, then what we do in this world can be seen clearly, a bit like the Perspective of God.


However, others believe that the reason why human beings can not explore the universe in depth is limited by their own cognitive perspective. We often think about the universe according to the principle of the earth, but we forget that the universe is so vast that there is no real division between the upper and the lower. The crisscross of time and space has already exceeded people’s imagination.

In fact, we don’t transcend our own dimensions. Maybe we are ridiculed like a frog in a well in front of higher dimensional creatures. For the earth, we are already an extremely small existence. Although we can still change the world with science and technology, human beings are really vulnerable in front of the universe.


So some people think that if we want to get rid of the fate of frog in the well, we must get rid of the existing concept, and only in this way can we better understand the universe.


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