What happens when the temperature of the earth reaches a critical value? You don’t think of the answer

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Since the birth of human beings, the temperature of the earth has not changed much, which is mainly related to the backward science and technology of human beings in the past. With the development of human beings, especially after the industrial revolution, the explosion of science and technology, the burning of fossil fuels by human beings is increasing, resulting in higher and higher carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect The temperature of the ball keeps rising.

According to the survey, from the industrial revolution to the present, the global average temperature has increased by no less than 5 degrees. The rising temperature of the earth has brought great impact on the natural environment, and also caused trouble to human beings. Today’s temperature is the most difficult in summer every day. People can clearly feel that the temperature is getting higher year by year. Last year, the temperature in China reached a record high, and this summer’s temperature reached a new high. I believe friends can clearly feel that this year’s highest temperature is obviously higher than last year.

The rising global temperature has caused two levels of ice and snow melting and sea level rising. Although the current temperature is relatively high and human beings can survive, scientists say that if the rising trend of the earth’s temperature does not change and the temperature continues to rise, the earth’s environment may change dramatically. Scientists believe that the earth’s temperature may have a maximum threshold and a critical point. Once the temperature exceeds the critical point, the earth’s environment will undergo major changes. Scientists do not know what the temperature of this critical boundary is, but it is estimated that the current temperature is getting closer and closer to this threshold.


What will happen to the earth once the global temperature exceeds this threshold? What impact will it have on human survival? If the global temperature is not controlled and continues to rise, once it reaches or exceeds the threshold, the first impact is that the sea level will rise by 10-60m, so that most coastal cities and countries will be drowned. At the same time, the high temperature will cause constant fires on the earth, and strong hurricanes will continue to occur, typhoons will continue to appear, and extreme weather will become more and more frequent There will be disasters.

For human beings, once the temperature exceeds a threshold, people in many areas can’t survive. Even if you hide in your house and blow the air conditioner, it’s useless. The high temperature makes your body unbearable. However, if human beings want to survive, they can only move to the two poles. At that time, the ice and snow in the two poles melt completely and the temperature is suitable. It’s the last suitable temperature place on earth.

It can be seen that when the earth’s temperature reaches the critical point or even exceeds the threshold, the consequences will be terrible. Therefore, countries around the world are aware of the seriousness of the problem and are actively trying to find ways to cool the earth. In order to reduce the temperature, we must start from the root cause. The main reason is the emission of various kinds of exhaust gases. Therefore, reducing the emission of these exhaust gases is the main solution, but it is also the most difficult to achieve and implement.

It has been suggested that if all the fuel vehicles in the world are stopped and put on the road, the carbon dioxide emission can be effectively reduced. If we do this, the effect will be very obvious. But is it possible? We are now seeing more and more cars instead of fewer. There are many benefits in it, and it is basically impossible to implement them. Another way is to speed up the research and development of new energy vehicles, so that new energy vehicles can replace traditional fuel vehicles. However, the research and popularization of new energy vehicles is still far away. For example, although electric vehicles have been developed, due to various technical limitations of electric vehicles, there are not many people who are really willing to use electric vehicles, and more people are willing to use fuel vehicles, and the electric vehicles are not easy to use If we want to popularize electric vehicles, we need to build a large number of power stations all over the country. Without power stations, it is impossible to popularize electric vehicles. What people are most worried about is that they are on the way. What should we do when they run out of power?


In addition to reducing the emissions of these exhaust gases and exhaust gases, scientists have also come up with some methods to cool the earth through scientific and technological means. For example, a light blocking glass is set between the earth and the sun to reduce the sunlight shining on the earth. This can also reduce the temperature of the earth. However, this method is costly and technically difficult. Even if it can be achieved, the reduction is too small Sunlight on the earth may also affect the plants on the earth.

There is also a major impact on the earth’s temperature reaching the threshold, that is, the arrival of the ice age. We know that since the formation of 4.6 billion, the earth has gone through several big ice ages and countless small ice ages. The arrival of each ice age will greatly reduce the earth’s temperature, and the arrival of the small ice age is once every 100 years, which has been approved by scientists Observing the activities of sunspots, we think that sunspots have begun to decrease now, and the earth may be about to usher in the little ice age. If so, the temperature of the earth will also decrease for a long time, which is a good thing for the earth.

However, the current situation is that the activity of sunspots has decreased, but the earth’s temperature has not decreased. Therefore, scientists suspect that the closer the earth’s temperature is to the threshold, it may hinder the arrival of the ice age. If this is the case, the earth will not enjoy the new round of little ice age. If we miss this natural air conditioning, it will do great harm to the earth and human beings Loss.


No matter how much the earth’s temperature will rise, we know that we can’t let the temperature rise like this. Every one of us on the earth should take action to protect the environment and take good care of the environment. Everyone should reduce the emission of chemical fuel exhaust. We should start from environmental protection and buy new energy vehicles. Only everyone realizes that the earth’s temperature is not high Only by cutting off the harm of rising temperature and building up the awareness of environmental protection can the temperature of the earth slowly fall down and return to the appropriate temperature as it was decades ago.

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