What happens when water is forced to compress and become smaller? It’s possible to build a star!

What happens when water is forced to compress and become smaller? It’s possible to build a star!


For every living thing, water is an essential resource. It is abundant on the earth, accounting for 70% of the area. A person needs to consume enough water every day. If there is no water supply for a long time, his body balance will be destroyed. It is not only a common substance, but also an indispensable part of life. Under normal circumstances, water is in liquid form, which changes with the change of temperature. If the temperature is lower than minus centigrade, it will condense into ice, and when it reaches 100 centigrade, it will form water vapor. Generally speaking, it has three forms.


Someone once did an experiment, put the plastic bag full of water, and then put it into the refrigerator. After a period of time, the water condensed into ice will directly burst the bag. It can be seen that when the shape of water changes, the force is also different. Because of this problem, scientists have extended to another problem, if the water is forced to compress and become smaller, what changes will it bring? What happens when water is forced to compress and become smaller? It’s possible to build a star!


Can any matter be compressed?


Many people think this question is meaningless, but the answer of scientists is astonishing. If humans can implement this technology, a star may be created in the future. It’s not difficult to find that many substances in our life can be compressed. The compressed biscuits we bought in the supermarket also change the shape of objects through compression. But there is one thing that is difficult to compress, which is the singularity inside the black hole.


In the view of scientists, there are infinitesimal singularities in the interior of black holes, with great density. This singularity has a certain connection with the big bang of singularity 13.8 billion years ago. The singularity is small and difficult to continue to compress. It has a different structure from water. Water is hydrogen atom and oxygen atom. Water molecule is fixed, but it moves all the time.


Two methods of compressing water molecules


The intensity of molecular motion can show the temperature. When water turns into steam, the gap is large. If it condenses into ice, the gap is small. There are many ways to compress water molecules. One is to cool down, the other is to pressurize. Without considering the technical conditions, human beings can compress the water through the atomic layer, and regard the atom as a football field. The nucleus occupies a part of it, and it has a large active position. In the process of water compression, it is necessary to overcome the degeneracy pressure of electrons, which has a high degree of difficulty and is difficult to achieve with current science and technology.


The universe is a vast interior, containing many stars, they contain huge energy, such as the sun, neutron stars and so on, their surface contains high temperature, if human beings can break through the limit of degeneracy pressure, maybe one day they will be able to create neutron stars or the sun. However, to break through this technology, we need to make greater efforts. The existing science and technology are not mature. I didn’t expect that so many theories could be involved in ordinary water. What do you think will happen when water is compressed? You can leave a message for interaction.

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