What happens when you suddenly fall into a black hole? Will it enter another space

First of all, we need to know that the black hole prediction was put forward by Einstein, one of the greatest scientists in human history. Einstein has made great contributions to the progress of human civilization, the biggest of which is his theory of relativity. In the theory of relativity, Ernst put forward many pioneering scientific predictions, and the black hole prediction is one of them.


Einstein predicted that in the huge universe, there is a mysterious celestial body with super large mass, super strong gravity and invisible, which has a very strong phagocytic power. All objects close to it will be swallowed and torn up, even light and magnetic field can not escape.

This mysterious celestial body is the black hole. When Einstein just put forward the prediction of black hole, people didn’t believe in the existence of this terrible celestial body. However, with the passage of time, the progress of science and technology, when human beings explored the universe, they found many strange celestial bodies. And scientists found that this mysterious celestial body exists, and also found the basis for the existence of black holes.


We have no way to get close to the black hole and do in-depth research on it, so we know little about it. I only know that it is a very dangerous celestial body. So someone asked an interesting question, what happens if you suddenly fall into a black hole?


The result of this problem is that you will never get out. When you are close to the black hole, you don’t feel much, but you will be in a “free fall” state.

Try to imagine that if your feet enter the black hole first, then your feet will be more attractive than your head. At this time, you will feel your body pulled. When you reach a certain critical point, life will come to an end.


All objects that enter the horizon of the black hole will be torn into powder by the strong gravity of the black hole, and eventually become a part of the black hole. However, this result is only conjecture, because no one has ever fallen into a black hole, and they don’t know what it looks like inside the black hole, let alone where the material swallowed by the black hole has gone? Maybe we have reached another dimension!


With the continuous in-depth study of black holes, scientists found that black holes are not simple, not just a simple individual. Because scientists have found that black holes may be closely related to another mysterious celestial body in the universe, which is wormhole.

Einstein also mentioned the existence of wormhole, a mysterious celestial body, which is called “Einstein Rosen bridge” or “space-time hole”. The role of this celestial body is to connect two different universes. If the wormhole is found, the dream of human crossing time and space can be realized.


For example, Andromeda is 2.2 million light-years away from the Milky way. It takes 2.2 million years to fly from the Milky way to Andromeda at the speed of light, but it only takes a few seconds to get there through a wormhole. Black holes and wormholes have the same characteristics, that is, they are invisible. So it’s understandable that scientists think they’re connected.


If these two celestial bodies are really connected, will there be a space-time tunnel between them, through which people who fall into the black hole can reach another space-time. However, this is in contradiction with the theory of black holes, because black holes have always been considered as “only in but not out” celestial bodies.

But there is one thing that scientists can’t be sure, that is, when humans fall into the black hole, whether they are broken down into atoms by the strong gravity of the black hole, or whether humans can successfully cross the black hole to realize space-time crossing, which is impossible to speculate at present. After all, no one has ever seen a real black hole.


But in science fiction movies, scientists show us what happens when an object enters a black hole. When the astronauts and spaceships entered the black hole together, they did not disintegrate, but completely passed through the black hole to high-dimensional space. However, these are also human imagination, which does not have reference significance.


So when people accidentally fall into a black hole, there are three results: first, they are torn up, second, they can travel through time and space, and third, they can enter high-dimensional space. What kind of result do you think it will be? Welcome to leave your comments in the comments section!

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