What has become of scientists who injected 3.5 million years of bacteria a few years later?

What has become of scientists who injected 3.5 million years of bacteria a few years later?


People from the moment of birth, means the beginning of life, the end is nothing more than death. In fact, a person’s life is very short, only a few decades. Some people live a valuable life in the past few decades, while others spend their whole life in vain. Although people can’t extend their life span, they can change their destiny. However, some people have always wanted to obtain the ability of immortality, especially the countless emperors in ancient times. In order to seek the method of immortality, they have spared no effort, and even expended a lot of human and material resources. Unfortunately, this has gone against the law of nature, and the change of life against heaven has no good end.


When we read journey to the west, we all know that eating Tangseng meat can make us immortal. But in real life, there is no so-called Tangseng meat. Everyone has to experience birth, aging, illness and death. Until modern times, a human body freezing technology also appeared. It means to preserve human body in the environment of minus 196 degrees Celsius, and then revive it through the future advanced medical technology, and finally achieve the goal of immortality. This idea seems to be unrealistic, and many scientists are not optimistic about it. What has become of scientists who injected 3.5 million years of bacteria a few years later?


In 2009, a Russian scientist discovered a dusty bacterium in the permafrost of Siberia. This scientist is Anatoly bruckov. The bacterium he discovered is Bacillus F. it is understood that this bacterium has a history of 3.5 million years.


According to the relevant research, he learned that this bacteria has the ability of immortality, so he made a bold experiment and injected this bacteria into the body of the elderly mice. Unexpectedly, the body of the mice immediately recovered and had the ability of reproduction. The success of this experiment made him firmly believe that Bacillus f has strong repair ability, but animals are animals after all, which can’t be compared with human beings.


Under the crazy urge, bruckov injected bacteria into his body and observed the changes of his body every day. As like as two peas, he has never been ill, and he feels full of go and feel much younger than ever. He always thought it was the role of Bacillus F. But when the result came out, he was completely stunned. His body did not change materially, and everything was exactly the same as before he was injected with bacteria. Will feel more spiritual than ever, mainly because of his blind self-confidence, as well as psychological factors.


Everyone has to experience life and death, which is an unbreakable rule. It is nonsense to realize immortality. Human beings can only prolong their life by keeping in good health or other ways. When they reach a certain life span, they will die. In history, there have been many people who live to be more than 100 years old, and they eventually die. Therefore, when doing any experiments, we should not be too careful Radicalism should be in line with the actual situation. What do you think of this crazy scientist’s action? You can leave a message for interaction.

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