What has China’s heavenly eye discovered over the years? It’s much more powerful than we thought

The universe is vast. At present, the observable range of the universe is about 13.7 billion light-years, which may be just the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe. The universe is much larger than we think. Such a vast universe, if you want to rely on aircraft to reach the target to detect, it is certainly impossible, our current technology can not even go out of the solar system, to fly out of the galaxy, the speed of the spacecraft must at least exceed the speed of optical computing.

Superluminal flight is too far away for human beings. We don’t know when it will be possible. So without super fast speed, can we not explore and study the universe? Of course not. Fortunately, scientists have infinite wisdom. They invented the astronomical telescope, which can see far away. They can see the black hole in the center of the Milky way and the galaxies and galaxies outside the Milky way. With it, it is possible for human beings to explore and study the universe.

After walking out of the earth, apart from feeling the vastness and mystery of the universe, there is another problem that scientists and human beings want to understand most, that is, the existence of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. Before human beings go out of the earth, many people may think that human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the universe, but when human beings go out of the earth and see the vast universe, this sense of pride is gone.


Scientists all believe that human beings are not the only intelligent civilization in the vast universe. There must be alien intelligent life and civilization like human beings. How can we find them? When scientists search for extraterrestrial life and civilization, their first goal is naturally to put it in the solar system, which is the home of the earth’s survival, and it is also close to us. If they suspect that there is extraterrestrial life on any planet, they can directly send probes to it, such as Mars. Scientists suspect that there is life, so in recent decades, they have launched many Mars probes, which have not been found until now The existence of life on Mars.

There may be simple extraterrestrial life in the solar system, such as bacteria and microorganisms, but it is basically impossible to find the same extraterrestrial intelligent life as human beings. Scientists believe that human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the solar system. Therefore, if we want to find the existence of alien civilization, we can only find it outside the solar system. However, due to the speed limit, our spacecraft and detectors can not fly out of the solar system, so it is impossible to send detectors outside the solar system, let alone let the spacecraft fly to the outer solar system to explore.

Human beings can only rely on astronomical telescopes. Although astronomical telescopes are very powerful and can see stars, planets and galaxies outside the solar system, it is impossible to see whether there are alien civilizations on the planets outside the solar system. This is something that astronomical telescopes can’t do. We can see an earth like planet that is very similar to the earth. We can analyze that this earth like planet has water, atmosphere and is in the habitable zone.

We can only guess that there may be alien life and civilization on this earth like planet, but we can’t see it directly. So how should human beings search for alien civilization? At this time, another kind of astronomical telescope appeared, which was radio telescope. At present, the most powerful radio telescope in the world is China’s sky eye. It was proposed in 1994 and lasted 22 years. It was finally completed and put into use on September 25, 2016. Led by the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is the largest single aperture and most sensitive radio telescope in the world with independent intellectual property rights in China. Its comprehensive performance is ten times that of the famous radio telescope Arecibo.


The single hole diameter of China’s heavenly eye is 500 meters. It looks like a big pot, but its strength is far beyond our imagination. Since it was put into use, the sky eye has been relatively low-key. Unlike other telescopes, it found an earth like planet today, a black hole tomorrow, and huge stars the day after tomorrow. There are few reports about the discovery of the Chinese heavenly eye, which makes many people have the illusion that the Chinese heavenly eye is just a decoration and has no great effect. Is this really the case?

Of course not. Many scientists all over the world praise China’s sky eye for its power. So many scientists admit that it is the most powerful radio telescope in the world. It can be seen that it is not just a decoration. The reason why people misunderstand it is not powerful is that people still don’t understand it. When you understand it, you will change your past ignorance.

First of all, we have to figure out what a radio telescope is? It is different from the astronomical telescope for observing stars. Its working principle is to receive radio waves from celestial bodies in the universe, such as solar like star radiation, neutron star radiation, pulsar radiation, black hole radiation, supernova explosion and other radiation bands. Therefore, only the source of radio waves can be detected by radio telescopes.


The main function of China’s heavenly eye is also to receive radio waves from the universe. Recently, it can receive cosmic signals sent out 13.7 billion light-years away. Do you think it is powerful? For example, if you call your girlfriend on the moon, you can’t escape the monitoring of the eye of heaven. So what’s the connection between receiving radio waves from the universe and looking for extraterrestrial civilization? In fact, they have a big relationship.

Human beings are intelligent civilization. The development of human science and technology is inseparable from communication, and even more inseparable from wireless communication. Human beings need to communicate with the detectors on various planets through radio waves. So if the alien civilization, like human beings, has entered the road of scientific and technological development, has gone out of the earth to explore the universe, then it must also be inseparable from radio communication. The more powerful the civilization is, the stronger their communication ability and technology will be. And those more powerful interstellar civilization, they already have the ability of interstellar navigation, then their radio communication technology is extremely powerful.

If alien civilizations often carry out radio communication in the universe, there must be radio signals of these alien civilizations in the universe. Just like we live on the earth, you can receive radio signals everywhere. As long as you can crack it, you will know what the contents of these signals are.

The same is true of nature in the universe. If human beings can receive the signals from these alien civilizations in the universe, through decoding the signals, we will be able to confirm the existence of alien civilizations and their location and other information. And there’s another signal that we’re more likely to receive, which is directional radio signals.


This kind of signal is the existence of the solar system and the earth discovered by the alien civilization through the astronomical observation equipment, but it is not sure whether the earth has civilization, so it sends a strong radio wave signal to the earth direction, which contains some information of the alien civilization, such as greetings. Such a directional radio signal is equivalent to a special line communication, and the signal emphasis is bound to be very powerful. If the strength of this alien civilization is much stronger than that of human civilization, then the radio wave signal they send out should be very strong. For such a signal, as long as it is received by radio telescopes, and the Chinese sky eye is so powerful, it can be the first time Received.

Once the Chinese celestial eye searches for and receives such a radio signal, scientists basically have no doubt whether it is a signal of alien civilization, because if it is a radio signal from a celestial body in the universe, it can not be so strong and regular. This kind of signal is easy to distinguish from other cosmic signals. Once scientists find such a signal, they have no doubt about its origin. As long as we can crack it, it is possible for us to get in touch with and communicate with alien civilizations.

So what has China’s Tianyan discovered since it was put into use? As of September 12, 2018, 59 high-quality pulsar candidates have been found by the 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope, of which 44 have been confirmed as new pulsars. In addition to observing pulsars, another major scientific goal of China’s “Tianyan” is to “inspect neutral hydrogen in the universe.”. This can “study the large-scale physics of the universe to explore the origin and evolution of the universe”.


Since its launch in 2016, China’s Tianyan has only been in the testing stage, and it is not yet ready for its real power. In 2019, China’s Tianyan will be officially accepted by the state, and then the exciting plan of searching for alien civilization will be launched. At this time, the eye of heaven is really beginning to play its powerful ability.

Now China’s sky eye is very low-key, it seems that there is no great achievement, but in the near future, it will search for a lot of cosmic signals, and will find many suspected signals from alien civilization. If scientists can decipher any suspicious signal, China’s heavenly eye will shake the world, and the crown of human beings’ first discovery of alien civilization will be attributed to China’s heavenly eye.

Guys, do you think China’s heavenly eye can discover alien civilization in the future? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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