What is a dream? Is it real or illusory? Listen to the scientists

Human beings are intelligent life. The reason why human beings are different from other animals to become intelligent life is that human brain is more advanced. Human consciousness is different from that of animals, and dreaming is something that human beings often encounter.

I believe many people have the experience of dreaming. When you are in a dream, you will not think it is a dream. You will feel that you are in a real world. It’s only when you wake up that you realize that it’s all dreams.

Everyone’s dreams are different, there are beautiful dreams, there are nightmares. There have been researches on dreams since ancient times. In ancient times, people thought that everything in dreams happened in another world. That’s why Duke Zhou interpreted dreams. The ancients didn’t think that dreams were illusory, but they couldn’t know what dreams were and whether everything we experienced in dreams was true or false.


We have all heard that the big dream 3000, consciousness means that there are many kinds of dreams, and dreams have a high degree of randomness. We don’t know what dreams we will have today. Some people may say that we have thoughts every day and dreams at night. In fact, most of the dreams have nothing to do with what you think during the day. Sometimes we dream about our grandparents who have been dead for decades. They meet us in their dreams, while we are addicted to our dreams and feel the love of them.

With the rapid development of human civilization, the research on dreams is constantly updated. Let’s first listen to how psychologists view dreams. Some psychologists believe that dreams are subconscious desires of human brain. When awake, human desire is restrained. After the human sleep, the brain is no longer so strong control, at this time, the human heart desire will run out.

Some psychologists believe that dreams are the response to emergencies. In daily life, there are few crisis events, so it is difficult for human beings to train their ability to deal with crisis events. Dreaming is the human brain consciously training its own ability to cope with crisis events. Nightmare, in particular, is a kind of training of human brain for crisis awareness.


These are the views of psychologists on dreams, but scientists do not agree. Scientists’ cognition of dreams is totally different from that of psychologists. Scientists’ perception of dreams is similar to that of the ancients. Most scientists believe that dreams are not completely illusory. It is possible that dreams are real events, events that we really experience.

Maybe many people think it’s incredible. If everything in the dream is what we have experienced, why don’t we have any impression in reality? Scientists explain that everything experienced in a dream may be real, but it is not experienced in the real world, but in another world, which is the parallel universe and parallel world proposed by modern science.

I believe many friends have heard of the multi cosmology theory. Although it is only a concept put forward by scientists in theory, it has been generally accepted by the scientific community. Many scientists believe that the parallel universe may be real.


Under normal circumstances, there is no connection between the real world and the parallel universe, and we can’t feel everything in the parallel universe. However, under some special circumstances, we will also happen to feel something happening in the parallel universe and experience something in the parallel universe. And dreams may be a way for us to perceive another parallel universe.

What we experience in dreams doesn’t happen in the real world, but they can actually happen in parallel universes. Sometimes, when we see some characters or scenes in our daily life, we have a sense of deja vu, but we just can’t remember it. This may be related to the parallel world. It is possible that we have entered another parallel world in our dreams and experienced some things. Deja vu is the reflection of dreams in reality.

What is a dream? Whether it is real or illusory, different people have different opinions. Everything in the world can be explained by science, so can dreams. If a thing can not be explained by science, it can only show that our science has not developed to that stage.


The history of scientific development of human beings is only three or four hundred years now. In hundreds of years, it is amazing that human beings can achieve the present and scientific achievements, but there is no end to the development of science, so there are things that can not be well explained by the existing science at any time. For example, the dream must not escape the scope of science, but our current science can not completely uncover its mystery.

It is believed that with the rapid development of human science, one day in the future, the mystery of dreams will be revealed. At that time, we will know whether dreams are real or illusory. If it is true, it will be an epoch-making progress for human beings, and we may uncover the tip of the iceberg of the real universe.

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