What is a parallel universe like? Scientists give three kinds of conjecture, after reading it, they suddenly realize

We can often see the term “parallel universe” in many science fiction movies, and the world outlook of all marvel movies is based on the background of parallel universe, but in fact, everyone may have different understanding of parallel universe.


What is the connection between eternal quantum mechanics and eternal expansion? Can we distinguish the parallel universes they imply? Next, I will report some scientists’ conjectures about parallel universe.

Conjecture 1:


At the end of the expansion, there are different “pockets” of the universe. The big bang may be the beginning of “our” universe. The highest temperature of the universe reached at the time of the Big Bang is no more than 10 ^ 32 K. at present, it seems that this is a big number, but its high temperature has not reached the Planck scale, a singularity, or the degree of invalidation of the laws of physics we know.


It tells us one thing, before the big bang, there are other things, which are consistent with the initial conditions of the expansion of the universe. Expansion is just a period of time before the big bang, which created the universe.

Conjecture 2


We can’t predict the universe. When we talk about the universe, we usually refer to the universe that we can observe. In the current cognition, the universe started from the big bang about 13.8 billion years ago, and at that moment it began to expand, cool and collapse into galaxies. The signals we can observe are limited, and the signals appear at a certain moment after the birth of the universe And travel through the expanding universe at the speed of light.


However, the distance of signal transmission is limited, and the speed of cosmic expansion is far faster than the speed of light. In our observable universe, taking us as the center, the conventional matter, dark matter, dark energy, neutrinos, radiation and so on detected are 46.1 billion light-years away.

But we have no reason to believe that the space of the universe is not big enough, and the signals of the unobservable universe do not have enough time to reach us. As time goes on, more and more universes will appear to us, even dark energy. But how much more?


According to the curvature of space we observe, compared with what we can observe, the existing matter is at least 250 times more than what we can observe in all dimensions, which means that the volume of the universe is 15 million times or more than what we can observe.


This is the most conservative conjecture of scientists about the parallel universe.

Conjecture 3


In the parallel universe, another version of another universe, you, in our observable universe, there are about 10 ^ 90 particles. Each time two particles interact, they not only produce a possible result, but also produce a complete quantum spectrum. They have experienced many other particle interactions and collisions. They have their own positions and moments, and they have their own unique characteristics The history of China.


Now, about 10 ^ 28 of these particles are combined to form each of us. If we calculate the expansion period, the expected rate of expansion of the universe, imagine that most of the space in our universe has been expanding at this rate throughout history, so we can calculate how many possible universes are similar to our universe. This is a very important problem Big numbers.

There are an amazing number of 10 ^ 10 ^ 50 universes. Their initial conditions may be very similar to our universe. If you want to get an identical you, then you need the history of the whole universe to unfold in exactly the same way.

Xiaobian believes that the infinite expansion of the universe and the unimaginable space outside the universe are very limited from our current three-dimensional perspective. Maybe in the near future, when we break through the limitation of spatial dimension, we will find something very different.

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