What is beyond people’s understanding of life on earth? You may not have heard of these three

The earth is one of the eight planets in the solar system, and it is also a life planet with rich species. For life, human beings know very little about it. How life was born after the Big Bang is still a mystery. It seems that the law of life can not be violated, but there are all kinds of strange things in the world, not to mention that there may be unknown life beyond human cognition in the vast universe, that is, there are many life beyond human cognition on the earth.

There are many kinds of life on the earth, and scientists don’t know how much life there is on the earth. Human beings may have explored the life on the ground and in the ocean, but we know very little about the underground life network. Scientists’ exploration of underground life in the past decade has revealed that there is a very complex and mysterious life system underground, and the richness of its species may go beyond the surface and the ocean.

On the earth with rich species, although there are many kinds of life, most of life still conforms to the basic law of life, such as the need for appropriate temperature, the need to breathe oxygen, the temperature is too high or too cold to survive and so on. But there are always exceptions, life is the same, there are always some life survival mode will exceed our cognition, let’s see three kinds of strange life, each of which will make human sigh the magic of life.


1、 Water bear, it can be said to be the most incredible creature on earth. The size of water bear is very small. The smallest one is only 50 microns, and the largest one is only 1.4 mm. Under normal circumstances, we can’t see water bear with naked eyes, so we have to use a microscope to see it. The surface of its body is covered with a film of water, which is used to prevent the body from drying, while breathing oxygen in the film.

Water bear is the most tenacious life on the earth. It can survive in high temperature, low temperature, low humidity, high temperature, vacuum and hypoxia. And it can survive in outer space without any protection measures. Water bears are found in high mountains, hot springs, Antarctica and deep sea on earth. It can be said that there is no extreme environment on earth that can prevent the survival of water bears.

The water bear is also known as an immortal life by scientists. Some scientists have successfully recovered the water bear that has been frozen for more than 30 years. Through research, scientists found that about 6000 genes of water bear come from other species, accounting for about one sixth of its total genes. They speculated that the magical ability of water bear may be related to foreign genes. They can dehydrate and regenerate by absorbing water, so they can absorb all kinds of molecules from the environment, including DNA, and they are very good at repairing DNA, repairing the damage caused by dehydration.

This super repair and survival ability of water bear has always been of great interest to scientists. If human beings can completely decode the gene code of water bear, perhaps the incredible ability of water bear can be used by human beings, and human life genes can be strengthened, which may make human beings evolve again.


2、 Resurrection grass, a desert plant, also known as “the rose of Jericho”, is famous for its ability to “resurrect” when it is almost completely dried. It has been growing and spreading on the earth since 300 million years ago. With its unique magic power, it has withstood several extremely severe drought periods on the earth and has been reproducing tenaciously to this day.

In our understanding of plants, if the plant is short of water for a long time, the whole foliar plant will be in a state of withered grass. Once the plant is in a state of withered grass, it indicates that the plant may have died and can no longer survive. But the resurrection grass is different. Due to the lack of water in the desert, it is often in a state of water shortage. The whole plant looks like dead grass.

If you see the resurrection grass in a withered state in the desert, you think it is dead. As long as you give it water, it will soon be full of blood and come back to life. Isn’t it amazing? Through research, scientists have found that in extreme drought, the branches and leaves of resurrection grass will shrink tightly into a ball, firmly lock the last precious drop of water in its body, and even if it loses up to 98% of its water, it can still survive for decades to hundreds of years. But once in the rainy season, it will “overeat” and generally lock up 460 times of the cell’s own weight of water! It gives people a sense of resurrection.


The ability of resurrection grass is very powerful. Its ability is no less than that of water bear. One is the immortality of the animal kingdom, and the other is the immortality of the plant kingdom. This is the magic of nature and life.

3、 The Eastern Green Sea beetle, talking about the survival of plants, I believe many friends will think of the role of light. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. At the same time, plants can also live better. In our knowledge, light and action are the patents of plants. Have you ever heard of animals that can carry out light and action? The Eastern Green Sea beetle is a special case.

Cerambycidae is mainly distributed in the east coast of North America, and generally lives in salt marshes and ponds with water depth less than 0.5 meters. This is absolutely a wonderful and intelligent existence. After they eat algae, they will not only turn them into poop, but will absorb genes related to photosynthesis and integrate them into their own genes, so as to carry out photosynthesis and produce the carbohydrate and fat they need.

So how did the sea beetle get the light and action ability that plants have? Scientists have found that the chromosomes of Haitian beetles contain some special algal genes, whose function is to repair and maintain the continuous function of chloroplasts. These genes have been integrated into the genes of Cerambycidae and can be passed on to the next generation. Although the next generation of Cerambycidae needs to obtain new chloroplasts by itself, these genes for repairing and maintaining chloroplasts have existed in the body for a long time.


After watching the above three kinds of strange life on the earth, I believe my friends have a new understanding of the strangeness and magic of life. Thus it can be seen that life can create miracles, as long as you can’t think of life, there is no life that doesn’t exist. This is just the life form on the earth. In the vast universe, there may be countless life planets and countless life forms.

Extraterrestrial life may have more unthinkable forms of life, such as giant creatures like stars, such as the self-conscious tree of life in the movie Avatar. This is why human beings have been actively exploring extraterrestrial life since they came out of the earth. It turns out that life can be so colorful and incredible.

Only when human beings have a better understanding of life can they completely solve the mystery of life, so that human civilization can usher in a more brilliant future. In addition to having an intelligent brain, human beings are far inferior to other non intelligent life in survival ability. Only through the power of science and technology, can human beings completely solve the mystery of life, and then it is possible for human beings to evolve again and again, and finally become a higher life.


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