What is beyond the universe? Perhaps there are higher dimensional “observers” staring at us

Since ancient times, when we look up at the stars, we can’t help but wonder: how big is the universe? What does it look like outside the universe?

With the development of human science and technology, the observable diameter of the universe obtained by astronomers is 93 billion light-years, but we all know that the real universe may be larger than this number.


Scientists call the boundary of the observable universe “cosmic horizon”, that is, the maximum range of cosmic electromagnetic waves that human beings can reach with the earth as the center. Beyond this range, light can not reach the earth. Therefore, the space beyond this horizon is the “outside” of the observable universe.

What’s out there in the observable universe?

Guess one: dark space


Because the universe has a life span, and the Big Bang has not yet expanded to that place, “outside” is the space reserved for the final form of the universe, and this space can be understood as “dark space”, and there is nothing in this “dark space”.

Guess 2: hyperspace


Some people speculate that the “outside” is a vast super space, and in this area


There are innumerable universes in the universe. The first one is the universe


Parallel universe



According to quantum theory, a thing can have different consequences after it happens, and all the possible consequences will form a universe, so there are countless universes and countless versions of you.

These parallel universes are also expanding. All the parallel universes exist in this huge hyperspace. They are like small bubbles one by one. Some of them are very far away, but some of them are very close, and even some parts of them coincide.

Guess 3: multiverse


Some people speculate that in this hyperspace, there may be universes that are completely different from our cosmic physical rules, and these universes are based on string theory. Because of the extra dimensions of space based on string theory, these universes could have trillions of shapes.

If their shapes are different, then these universes are likely to have life just like ours. Some of them may have no life at all, and even have nothing to do with stars and galaxies. They are not yet formed or failed universes.


If there is such a hyperspace, what is beyond it?

According to the cosmic microwave background radiation, when we measure the radiation temperature of these different stars, it should be high and low. But it is strange that when people try to measure the radiation temperature, they find that the temperature in any direction is almost the same.

So supporters of the big bang put forward the “theory of cosmic inflation”. They believe that the universe did not expand immediately after the big bang, but further accelerated expansion only after the matter and energy were fully mixed and stirred in a very small range, resulting in the same radiation temperature of all stars in the universe.


Why did the universe do such extraordinary things? It’s puzzling. Because it’s not like a coincidence, it’s like a result of design in advance.

So scientists speculate that there are higher dimensions in the universe, even beyond the existence of higher dimensions. Because the big bang shows that the universe is limited, that is, the super space is also limited, or it needs something to carry.


It’s just that we’ll never know what this load is.

For example, in the game designed by human beings, human beings set many functions for the characters in the game world. However, because these characters are endowed with intelligence, they are likely to suddenly “wake up” one day and have all kinds of doubts about the world they live in. We may even find the existence of human beings as “observers” or “manipulators”.

On the contrary, for human beings, do we want to be watched by the “Observer” just like the game characters? Although we can’t see them now, one day in the future, I can suddenly feel their existence.


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