What is deep in the earth? Why did the former Soviet Union suddenly stop digging 12262 meters?

With the rapid development of science and technology, we have also begun to explore the way of the earth. Although human beings have multiplied on the earth for generations, our understanding of the earth is still a drop in the bucket. For a long time, the world inside the earth has been full of disputes. Some people think that the earth’s interior is solid, with only abnormal high temperature. Others think that there is another world inside the earth.


In 1970, in order to solve the secret of the earth’s interior, the Soviet Union made a plan to dig through the earth, which also attracted the attention of the whole world. At that time, the Soviet Union was competing with the United States. Whoever could master the aerospace industry and science and technology would become a real power. Of course, human beings are also very curious about the inner world of the earth. Perhaps in the process of digging, we may also see the legendary geocentric man.


Us drilling program


In fact, the Soviet Union is not the first country to excavate the earth. As early as 1961, the United States also launched the ultra deep drilling program. The plan lasted for five years, and was finally forced to stop because of lack of funds. Although the experiment did not achieve good results, some experiences of the Soviet Union could be learned. After a detailed study of the drilling plan of the United States, the Soviet Union started its own drilling test. Sure enough, the effect of the Soviet Union was far more obvious than that of the United States. The project was built 24 years ago, and the plan was forced to be suspended when everyone thought victory was in sight. What’s the reason for that?


Why did the Soviet Union suspend its drilling program?


It is worth mentioning that the drilling depth of the Soviet Union has reached 12262 meters, which is a huge number for us. But who would have thought that in the next decade, the Soviet Union would only dig 262 meters deep. Why does it take 10 years to complete a depth of several hundred meters? The answer given by the Soviet Union was lack of funds. After all, after learning from the experience of the United States, all kinds of equipment adopted by the Soviet Union were valuable. At that time, the Soviet Union was facing disintegration again. This reason seems reasonable, but some people still think that the reason why the Soviet Union stopped this plan was because of the limitation of technology.


Does geocentric man exist?


With the increase of excavation depth, the quality and density will become larger and larger, which means that the high temperature of several hundred degrees will slowly rise to the ground. If we want to dig through the earth, we must fight against the high temperature of thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees Celsius. Even today’s human beings can’t do it, let alone the country 30 years ago?


Others believe that the Soviet Union stopped the experiment because workers heard strange howls. There are geocentric people living in the deep of the earth. They feel the invasion of human beings, so they give a warning to human beings. There is no scientific basis for this statement, but some people still believe it. What do you think?

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