What is Dyson ball? Is there any hope for mankind to build it in the future?

With the wisdom of human brain, through continuous efforts and development, step by step to the top of the food chain, the establishment of human civilization. After more than 5000 years of development, human civilization finally entered the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago and became a scientific and technological civilization.

Science and technology has not only improved people’s quality of life, changed people’s way of life, but also greatly increased human ambition. We are not willing to give in to the small earth, and begin to focus on the stars beyond the earth. With the help of science and technology, it took only a short time for human beings to realize their dream of flying to the sky, go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe.


When we stand outside the earth and see the vastness and mystery of the universe, an eternal exploration plan appears, which is to search for extraterrestrial civilization. Theoretically speaking, from the various data of the universe, the probability of the existence of alien civilization is almost 100%. Every astronomer will not doubt the existence of alien civilization.

If there are a large number of alien civilizations in the universe, the strength of different civilizations will be different. So how do we divide the development stages of different civilizations? In this regard, in the 1960s, the former Soviet Union astronomer Kardashev proposed a classification standard of civilization level. He divided the civilization of the universe into three levels, which was based on the control and utilization of energy.

First class civilization, also known as planetary civilization, refers to the ability to use all the energy and resources of its own parent planet. The second level civilization is a stellar civilization, which means that it can use all the resources and energy of its own stellar system, while the third level civilization can use all the energy and resources of its own galaxy. As far as human beings are concerned, when we can make full use of the earth’s resources and energy, it is a first-class civilization.


When we can make full use of the energy and resources of the solar system, human beings will be upgraded to the second level civilization. When we can make use of all the energy and resources of the galaxy, human beings will be upgraded to the third level civilization. According to this standard of energy division, human beings can only be regarded as 0.7 level civilization, less than one level civilization. According to the level of energy, only when we can achieve controllable nuclear fusion and mature application can we upgrade to a first-class civilization, and scientists estimate that it will take another 200 years.

When we enter the process of upgrading from the first level civilization to the second level civilization, the demand for energy will be very huge. I believe many friends know that the materials used in nuclear fusion are actually very simple. The raw materials needed for mature nuclear fusion technology only need water, and the earth has a lot of water resources. Therefore, some people will think that the earth’s water resources can support the development of human nuclear fusion for many years. Is this really the case?


In fact, this kind of cognition is wrong. In the process of human becoming a first-class civilization to a second-class civilization, the fusion energy provided by the earth’s water resources is negligible for human development. At this time, even if the water resources of other planets in the solar system are fully utilized, it is far from being able to meet the pace of human progress to the second level civilization.

Without the huge supply of energy, the level of human civilization can not be improved. What should we do at this time? Some scientists think of the sun. To know that the most powerful energy body in the solar system is actually the sun. If we want to become a secondary civilization, we need to make full use of the energy of the sun. How to use its energy? Some scientists put forward the concept of Dyson ball.

The so-called Dyson ball is a hypothetical theory put forward by a scientist named Freeman Dyson in 1960. The essence of this theory is that in order to solve the energy demand for the upgrading of human civilization, we must build a sphere structure surrounding the sun, which has a radius about 150 million km from the sun to the earth. Through this structure, solar energy can be collected and utilized to the maximum extent.


As we all know, the diameter of the sun is very large, and its mass accounts for 98.86% of the total mass of the solar system, so its energy is inexhaustible for the development of human beings. As long as most of the solar energy can be used, more than half of the energy needed for human beings to upgrade to the second level civilization and move towards the third level has been solved.

So the Dyson sphere is a huge structure that human beings must build in the future. Is there any hope for human beings to build it in the future? To build such a Dyson ball, we need to solve two problems. One is technology. If you want to know a solar energy structure around the sun, the requirements for technology are very high. With the current technology of human beings, it is totally unimaginable.


Only when human beings become the pinnacle of the first level civilization and stride forward to the second level civilization, can they have all kinds of technologies to build the Dyson ball. With technology, the second problem is materials. We need to understand that Dyson sphere is a man-made building that can surround the sun, and the materials needed must be a huge number.

According to the simulation calculation of scientists, to build a Dyson sphere, even a simpler Dyson sphere, it may also need the resources of all planets in the solar system except the sun. In other words, to build the Dyson sphere, we need to crush all the planets in the solar system into resources, including the earth.

Some people may say, without the earth, where will human beings live? In fact, we don’t have to worry about this. When we become a first-class civilization, we are already a primary interstellar civilization. The earth is just one of the human homes, and the galaxies near the solar system may also be colonized by humans. The original people on earth can move to live on the ball of Dyson.


You know, Dyson sphere is a huge building that we can’t imagine. In addition to absorbing the energy of the sun, it can also construct a residential area, and the area of this residential area is much larger than that of the earth. After all, it was built with the resources of all the planets in the solar system.

With the Dyson sphere, we will have enough energy to meet the road of civilization upgrading, and we can upgrade to the second level civilization. The energy needed for the development of the second level civilization is mainly from the stars. Therefore, Dyson’s sphere may be a standard configuration of second-class civilization. Dyson infers that any civilization at a certain stage of development will make use of the stellar energy on which its own civilization depends. The best way is to wrap up its own stars so that all or most of the stellar energy can be used. This method is to build a Dyson sphere. If human beings want to reach the second level civilization, they must build a Dyson sphere wrapped in the sun.


After the birth of the Dyson sphere theory, it has been widely recognized by the scientific community. Since then, when astronomers are looking for extraterrestrial civilization, Dyson sphere theory has become an important reference. If the brightness of a star in the distant sky changes significantly, there may be a Dyson sphere near the star.

We should know that the most obvious change of light and dark will not exceed 5% when a planet revolves around a star. Even if there is a lot of dust around it, the change of light and dark will not be too large. So have telescopes found such special stars? The answer is yes,

In the last century’s sky survey activities, among the millions of stars, scientists have found several stars with the structure of a suspected Dyson sphere. In particular, NASA’s Kepler mission observed more than 100000 stars, and found a star named KIC 8462852 with strange brightness changes. The dimples of light changes are very deep, sometimes up to 22%.


This star, also known as tabby by by scientists, has a very large range of light and dark changes, which is obviously not caused by the planetary encirclement. Scientists once thought that it would be caused by a large amount of cosmic dust, but later through observation and research, they thought it was unlikely.

Cosmic dust is not generated for no reason, it is generally the product of large-scale celestial events, such as supernova explosion, celestial collision and so on. However, according to the observation of scientists, there is no trace of these celestial events around it. Therefore, many scientists believe that there is a high probability that there will be a solar absorption device similar to the Dyson sphere around tabby.


Of course, at present, we are only guessing about this. Because tabby is 1500 light-years away from us, although this distance is not much on the cosmic scale, it is an insurmountable gap for human science and technology. Only when human beings reach the peak of the first level civilization or enter the second level civilization can they be able to explore this goal. At that time, we will be able to know whether there is a Dyson ball. If there is, there will be no doubt about the existence of alien civilization.

Although Dyson sphere is only a hypothetical concept put forward by scientists, it can be widely recognized by the scientific community, which shows that the probability of it becoming a reality in the future is very high. However, it may take a long time for human beings to realize such great interests. According to the speculation of scientists, if human beings do not have major disasters in the future and keep developing steadily, about 5000 years later, human beings will be able to upgrade to a second-class civilization.

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