What is “ghost pressure bed”? When we experience “ghost pressure bed”, what are the consequences of not resisting?

I believe many people have experienced the “ghost pressure bed”. After hearing these three words, we can imagine such a scene. When we were sleeping, everything was fine, but suddenly we couldn’t move and it was very difficult to breathe. This is the sign of “ghost pressure”. How does ghost pressure bed come into being? What happens if we don’t fight?


Ghost pressure bed




Once Xiaobian also experienced ghost pressure bed. It was a very ordinary night, when I was still asleep, I suddenly woke up. At this time, I instinctively want to open my eyes, but I find that I can’t open them, and I can’t move. Although you can hear the sound around you, you seem to be bound. Someone is pressing on your body. I want to shout, but my mouth can’t make a sound. At this time, I slowly turn my mouth. After a period of time, my limbs return to normal, and I also open my eyes. In fact, this phenomenon is very common. Some timid people will face psychological burden after experiencing ghost pressure. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. Scientists call this phenomenon sleep paralysis.

Why did it happen“


Ghost pressure bed



People in the process of falling asleep, not immediately able to sleep. We generally have to go through five processes, which are progressive layer by layer, and generally last for more than an hour, before the next cycle. Generally speaking, ghost pressure does not occur in the early stage of sleep, but at the end of the process. At that time, we have reached the end of sleep, and our consciousness is gradually awake, but our muscles have been in a dormant state. Even if the brain sends out a command, our limbs can’t immediately execute it. Therefore, we feel that we are awake, but we can’t get rid of it It’s the body that can’t move.


If this happens on a dark night, some timid people will panic. If they think about the scenes in the horror films at this time, they will definitely associate with ghosts, so this statement comes from it. But strictly speaking, this statement has no scientific basis. Now we all know that this is a normal phenomenon, so if the ghost bed happens, we don’t care what the result will be?


What happens if you don’t resist?

In fact, if we encounter ghost pressure, few people can achieve inner peace and completely ignore it. Most people will try to turn or move their mouth. During this period of time, we are very conscious, we can realize that the mouth can move, the limbs can move, and the ghost pressure bed will be released slowly.


Generally speaking, as long as we maintain good sleep habits and correct sleep posture, the probability of ghost pressure bed is relatively low. Once ghost pressure bed occurs, we should not be afraid, and our activities will return to normal slowly.


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