What is giant phobia? What can you see in these giant photos?

With the improvement of life style and the change of people’s concept of life, there are various phobias in many social networks, such as the familiar phobia of denseness. There was a time when these photos spread wildly on the Internet. Many people would sweat and hairy after seeing these photos, causing discomfort.


In fact, in addition to the phobia of denseness, there are many people who are afraid of high altitude and spiders. If you are afraid of a certain kind of things, you can certainly find people of the same kind on the Internet. For example, we are going to talk about the phobia of giants. This kind of phobia is relatively rare. If you see these photos next and feel panic and depression, then maybe you are suffering from it Giant phobia.


Giant phobia


People suffering from giant phobia are very afraid of some large things and objects, such as huge sculptures and huge spaceships, and even some people are afraid of elephants. When these people see huge objects, they often have shortness of breath, shaking, rapid heartbeat, and some even faint. This psychological phenomenon has also been used in movies, such as the disaster of great white shark and wild boa constrictor. In these movies, huge horror animals often appear, causing people’s resonance. In fact, human beings are very small in front of huge creatures, so it’s normal for them to feel afraid. Some people may be afraid of large animals, but they are not afraid of large buildings. This shows that it’s not only huge that affects human emotions, but also other factors.


In fact, there are many phobias circulating on the Internet, but no matter what kind of phobia is, it has not been recognized by psychology, so there is no accurate reason to explain how phobia appears. But most people think that phobia is actually caused by the external environment and genetics. Some people are afraid of huge creatures, perhaps because of animals when they were young Injured, like NBA player Jordan, he is very afraid of the sea, in fact, because he saw his good friend die in the sea, leaving him a psychological shadow.


If the photos put by Xiaobian make us feel extremely uncomfortable, it means that you are suffering from giant phobia. Maybe you have been frightened by giant creatures at some time in your life. There are many people who are afraid of the biggest creatures, and there are many people who are afraid of small insects. Everyone feels different, so it’s not different.


On the Internet, we can also find many friends who are similar to ourselves. It’s not that people with phobia are inferior, but if fear really affects their lives, you should go to see a doctor. After all, this is also a psychological phenomenon. Only when you pass the barrier in your heart can you live a better life.

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