What is Hawking’s belief that alien civilization is superior to earth? It was technology that exposed it

Whenever we look up at the starry sky in the dead of night and find that the vast universe is so vast, we will feel lonely. The universe is so vast that only human beings are intelligent species. We not only have this problem, but also scientists have this problem, and have been committed to exploring the existence of other civilizations.


There are many differences and controversies on this point, especially Hawking, a famous physicist, who thinks that we should not go into space. We don’t know much about the understanding of alien civilization, but Hawking has some ideas about it. Hawking always thinks that the alien civilization is superior to the earth civilization, because their technological level has been exposed.

In fact, Hawking’s comments are not based on empty air, but on very material basis. The biggest problem of finding friends in space is not the speed of light, but the communication between galaxies. The universe is so vast that if we want to find it one by one, if there are so many celestial bodies, we will never find it.


Therefore, the most appropriate way is to use radio waves to convey our blessings to the universe. It is true that advanced civilizations can use high-tech means of communication, such as repeaters and neutrinos, but at least mankind has not yet reached this level. In fact, we humans were like this a long time ago. During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, the two superpowers began to explore the wisdom of life in outer space and felt that their level was constrained by the struggle for hegemony on earth. Maybe you know how to say hello.


In fact, we are also studying this part of Trinity. At present, the horizontal electromagnetic wave emitted by human body is not far away. It’s a lot, a hundred light years away. As it is transmitted, the energy will gradually decay. Even when aliens receive data a hundred light-years away, they do. It makes no difference.

Therefore, there is a very terrible contradiction, which is why Hawking always thinks that the alien civilization is better than the earth. If the radio signals transmitted by human beings are intercepted and read by other intelligent life within 100 light years, the gap between the two civilizations will not be particularly large, because there is still a gap of 100 light years. It takes a long time to invade humans.


Through this process, we humans have enough time to surpass them and completely resist their invasion. In the dark forest of three bodies, technology exploded, so we don’t have to worry about it at all. But if, 100 light-years later, the radio signal transmitted by human beings is still detected with almost no energy, and only a small part of the information is recovered, it will be a bit terrible. It shows that their level of civilization has far exceeded what we don’t know. The light-year distance they said is certainly not a problem, so it will pose a great threat to us.


Look at our current human level. It’s like looking at ants. There are many unknown things in the universe, and we know little about them. So we should always be vigilant and awe the universe. People can’t challenge and conquer the universe at will, otherwise they may meet people who can’t be angry.

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