What is hidden behind the reappearance of the earth after the elimination of a great creature for thousands of years?

What is hidden behind the reappearance of the earth after the elimination of a great creature for thousands of years?


The earth has been born in the universe for 4.6 billion years and has a deep-rooted foundation. It is one of the most special stars with wisdom, which breeds countless lives, and each life gradually forms its own living habits. In the process of development, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions, especially the disappearance of dinosaurs overnight, which is impressive.


There are different opinions on the reasons for its disappearance. Some people think it was caused by the Mars explosion, while others think it was related to the asteroid impact on the earth. As for the reason, it is still unknown. The good news is that in the end, man will be the master of the earth. Darwin’s theory of evolution clearly points out that human beings evolved from apes, but there are too many faults in the middle. Before human beings were born, what happened on earth? Scientists can only speculate. What is hidden behind the reappearance of the earth after the elimination of a great creature for thousands of years?


Scientists found fossils 6500 years ago


Since June, there have been more and more reports about the reappearance of extinct species. Many species that have been eliminated for a long time have reappeared, which has aroused many people’s deep thinking. What’s the matter? Some time ago, in the process of exploration, scientists found a fossil of an ancient creature. It’s known that it’s coelacanth only after understanding. According to the records, it has a long history, at least 65 million years, maybe even longer than 65 million years. Its reappearance has aroused many scientists’ doubts.


It should have stayed on the fossil, but now scientists have found its existence again. It’s amazing that the creature that has disappeared for so long has reappeared. At present, the protection measures of coelacanth are in progress. It has a very obvious feature that it can survive on land. Unlike other fish, the sea and land can be used as its habitat. Once a fisherman caught a coelacanth. He was surprised to find that it could survive for 17 hours after leaving the sea, which refreshed human’s understanding of fish. It has a strong adaptability.


Why coelacanth goes extinct?


From its extinction to now, it has witnessed the change of the earth, so what is the reason for its appearance? It mainly lives in the ocean, and human beings know little about the ocean, so few people find its existence and mistakenly think it has been extinct. There are many species on the earth. Although they have been extinct for a long time, in the era of scientific and technological development, with the migration and continuous evolution of organisms, we can not guarantee that they will not reappear again. Many new organisms are also in the process of evolution and rebirth.


Today’s science and technology are developed enough, we can’t understand what is deep in the ocean, so the understanding of these creatures is also relatively one-sided. There are many species that have not yet been excavated by human beings. If we maintain the ecological balance, they will have the possibility of resurrection. Scientists find that coelacanth, which has been lost for a long time, is still very excited. It is also a kind of ancient creatures. When technology reaches a new stage, there may be more extinctions. What’s your attitude? You can leave a message for interaction.

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