What is hidden in the legendary Eighth Continent of the world? Scientists can’t explain!

What is hidden in the legendary Eighth Continent of the world? Scientists can’t explain!


We all know that the earth is the only home for mankind. In the whole vast universe, the earth is only a part of it. In our eyes, the earth is omnipotent. It provides a suitable environment, climate, water and so on, which leads to today’s human. However, in the whole universe, the earth is insignificant. After all, there are more celestial bodies than it. There are seven continents and four oceans on the earth. With their decoration, our earth will become more vibrant.


There are many complicated things on earth that cannot be explained by science, such as where does the Eighth Continent of the world come from? What are the secrets? Presumably many people have seen the movie “Sea King”. In “Sea King”, there is a mysterious kingdom, that is Atlantis. In fact, Atlantis is the legendary Eighth Continent, referred to as the continent. In Plato’s dialogues, Atlantis was introduced in detail. Many people only think that it is a myth and legend, and there is not enough proof to prove its existence.


Scientists now use science and technology to find that there were eight continents on the earth long ago, and one of them had a very developed civilization. Unfortunately, due to natural disasters, this continent was submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. However, this submerged continent is the kingdom of Atlantis. Many people think that the kingdom of Atlantis recorded in Plato’s dialogues is totally a conjecture, which is very absurd.


However, a prophet, Edgar case, left an earth shaking prophecy, which directly subverted human cognition. In 1940, case predicted that there might be cosmic energy in Atlantis, if light could be converted into this kind of energy. It can rejuvenate people. In the later period, there was a very big explosion in this energy center, which caused the earth to keep shaking, and the kingdom of Atlantis suffered an unprecedented air crash.


In this prediction, it is pointed out that the kingdom of Atlantis will directly surface in a certain area in the future. The time is about 1968-1969. In 1967, some astronauts found a large object under the water of Minni island. This object has a large area, which is almost the same as the kingdom of Atlantis introduced by Plato.


In 1979, the United States discovered that there was a pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, and there were two black holes under the pyramid, which were moving rapidly towards the sea. In 1985, a sailor discovered an ancient city in the Bermuda Triangle, which seemed to be mixed with his prediction. So scientists have speculated that the kingdom of Atlantis really exists, causing many people to ponder, what kind of earth do we live on? What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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