What is ice 7? Can its power really freeze the earth in a short time?

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Water is the source of life, and the earth can become a living planet, which is directly related to the large amount of liquid water resources on the earth surface. Life on earth, including human beings, is mostly composed of water, which shows how important water is to life.


Although water is a common substance on the earth, it has many miracles. In the eyes of many people, we deal with water every day. It’s nothing special. We also know that water has three forms: liquid, gas and solid.

For these three forms of water transformation, we have learned in junior high school physics textbooks that the change of temperature will make water transform between different forms. One kind of physics, three kinds of forms, constantly circulating and changing, which is beyond the magic of water.

There are not many mysteries about the liquid and gaseous state of water, but the solid state is not as simple as we think. After water solidifies, we call it ice. What’s special about ice? Maybe in our daily life, there are only one or several types of ice, but in fact, so far, scientists have found 18 types of ice.


Under different conditions, the form of ice is different. The ice we see in our daily life is formed under an atmospheric pressure and the temperature is lower than 0 ℃. With the constant change of atmospheric pressure, combined with other conditions, the type of ice will change.

Among the 18 types of ice discovered by scientists, the most mysterious one is ice 7. For ice 7, many people may not have heard of it. It is a special kind of ice that needs to be formed at room temperature and combined with 10000 atmospheres of pressure.


There are only two conditions for the formation of ice No.7. One is that the temperature needs to be at 4.9 ℃, and the other is that the environment needs to reach 10000 times of atmospheric pressure, that is, the pressure of 3 billion PA. As long as these two conditions are met at the same time, ice 7 will be born.

The first condition is naturally easy to achieve, but the second condition is very harsh. Such a strong air pressure can only be reached deep underground. So can scientists make ice number seven in the lab? With the current scientific and technological strength of mankind, it is also very difficult to make ice No.7, and it needs to pay a great price.

Ice No.7 needs very harsh conditions to form, so its power is naturally very powerful. It was once said that if a piece of ice No.7 is thrown into the ocean, it can freeze the ocean in a few days, and finally freeze the earth. Is it really such a terrible power?


The crystallization speed of ice No.7 is very fast. There is no doubt that it can reach 1600 kilometers per hour. However, we need to understand that the most important factor for the formation of ice No. 7 is the extremely high pressure, which needs to reach 3 billion Pa. to know the deepest ocean, the Mariana Trench, the pressure is only 100 million PA.

It can be seen how strong the pressure demand of ice No.7 is. Under harsh conditions, even if we throw a piece of ice No.7 into the ocean, it is impossible to completely freeze the whole ocean. It can only produce a quick freezing effect on a small area. Of course, if a lot of ice No. 7 is thrown into the ocean, the frozen earth may be able to do the same.


Ice No.7, a special kind of ice, caused a sensation in the scientific community after it was discovered. Although it is a form of ice, the conditions for its formation are so harsh that its power is also very great. And such powerful ice blocks make scientists think of new energy. If we can make a large number of ice No. 7, we can create a powerful new energy for human beings.

Unfortunately, because the formation conditions of ice No. 7 are too harsh, even in the laboratory, it is not so easy to produce. So in nature, is there such a special No. 7 ice? We should know that nature is a huge treasure house. As long as we find things scientifically, we can always find them in nature.

But does ice 7, which needs 3 billion PA to form, really exist in nature? The pressure deep in the ocean can’t make this kind of ice. Only in the depths of the earth can there be such a great pressure, but with the increasing depth of the earth’s interior, the temperature is also rising.


It is impossible to keep the temperature below a normal temperature when the pressure can reach 3 billion PA, where the temperature may reach more than 1000 degrees centigrade. Without any conditions, it is impossible to form No. 7 legislation. Is it true that nature has no ability to form No. 7 ice?

Such an impossible guess was broken in 2018. In March 2018, a team led by University of Nevada geoscientist Oliver throner accidentally found a sample of ice No. 7 while searching for carbon dioxide in a specific form in natural diamonds.


This small piece of naturally formed ice No. 7 was found inside the diamond. Many people may wonder why ice No. 7 can be formed inside the diamond? In fact, it has something to do with the conditions of diamond formation.

As we all know, diamond is a kind of crystal formed by carbon element under high temperature and high pressure. It is the hardest ore found in the world at present. Natural diamonds need to be formed under the conditions of high pressure and high temperature in the deep part of the earth.

Deep in the earth’s specific areas, there is no lack of such super pressure as 3 billion PA, and the temperature here is very high, so diamonds are formed under high temperature and pressure. In this process, water vapor may be trapped in the diamond by coincidence.


Gemstone has a special ability, that is, after the diamond is formed, even if it is far away from the high-pressure environment, its interior can maintain the environmental pressure of diamond formation for a long time. When the diamond is formed, it flows to the upper layer with geological activities. At this time, the temperature inside the diamond will drop a lot, reaching a normal temperature state.

Inside the diamond at room temperature, there is a strong pressure. At this time, the two conditions for the formation of ice No. 7 are met, and the water wrapped inside the diamond will form ice No. 7. This process seems not complicated to us, but in fact, it takes luck for ice 7 to form in this way.


In the process of diamond formation in the deep earth, it takes luck for water vapor to enter the interior. Even if the water enters the diamond, it needs luck to enter the upper layer in a short time with geological activities. Once the time is too long, even if the diamond reaches the upper layer, the super pressure environment inside will disappear.

Therefore, how rare is the natural ice No. 7 discovered by scientists in 2018, and it may be the only natural ice No. 7 that exists for a long time in the future. If we want to use this ice No.7, we can’t rely on nature. We can only hope that it will be realized through science and technology in the future.

The discovery of ice No.7 inside the diamond by scientists provides an idea for our future laboratory to manufacture ice No.7. You know, we can also use artificial diamonds now. With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial diamonds will become more and more advanced and mature in the future. Maybe we can use the process of making synthetic diamonds to make ice No.7.

As long as we can realize the industrial manufacturing of ice No.7 in the future, then human beings will have a powerful energy to solve the risk of the earth’s energy depletion.

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