What is it like to wake up suddenly in the process of operation, conscious, but unable to move?

If wake up suddenly in the operation process, what kind of feeling will you have?

With the development of medical technology, the field of surgery is also expanding, such as general surgery, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, plastic surgery and so on. Tens of millions of people are undergoing surgery every year all over the world.


In the operation process, anesthesia is the most essential. People in the operation will be first general anesthesia, so that they can be in a state of sleep, will not have any sense of the operation, doctors can also successfully complete the operation. However, some data show that in the United States alone, about 60000 patients suddenly regain consciousness (anesthesia awakening) during surgery every year. Why? What does it feel like for the patient to regain consciousness during the operation?

Before that, we need to understand the role of anesthetics in the whole operation.

In general, anesthesia requires the use of three drugs, they are anesthetics, muscle relaxants and analgesics. Anesthetics can make the patient into unconscious sleep, muscle relaxants can make the patient’s muscles relax, so that the doctor can better carry out the operation, analgesics can inhibit the patient’s pain, these three drugs are indispensable.


As the saying goes: “surgery to get rid of illness, anesthesia to protect life.”. It’s not too much to say that anesthesiologists are the “life protectors” of patients during operation. They should observe the patient’s vital signs at any time during the operation, and do the corresponding rescue treatment in time, so as to provide a painless and comfortable operation process for the patient on the premise of ensuring the patient’s life safety.

However, it is very difficult for anesthesiologists to calculate the optimal dose of anesthesia, because each patient’s physical condition is very different, and their reactions to drugs are also different. Once the amount of anesthetics injected is not accurate, the following situations are likely to occur.


Situation 1:

When the patient wakes up, he can see and hear, and his body can move, but he can’t feel any pain. The reason for this is that the dosage of anesthetics and muscle relaxants is not enough, so the patient wakes up early. When this happens, the doctor will give the patient another anesthetic at the first time, so that the operation can continue normally. And they don’t remember it after surgery.

Case 2:


When the patient wakes up, he can feel pain and his body can move. This situation occurs because the dosage of each component of anesthesia is not enough, so the doctor will increase the dosage of the drug immediately after finding it.

Situation 3:


The above two situations should be acceptable to patients, but now the third one is the most terrible. When the patient wakes up, the body can not move, but can feel pain. This is because the amount of muscle relaxants is enough, and the amount of anesthetics and analgesics is insufficient.

If this happens, the patient will be in agony, and even have serious postoperative sequelae.

What will the patient feel when the third situation occurs?


A 12-year-old girl named Sandra awakened from anesthesia during a routine oral surgery

I could hear the voices around me, and I realized in horror that I woke up during the operation. My body was like noodles, and I couldn’t control a muscle. I went crazy to try and move to see if I was going to die



Sandra was still haunted by this nightmare for 15 years after the operation.

This kind of pain is really too hard for ordinary people to bear. The feeling of pulling, stitching, pain, paralysis and suffocation is really terrible.


In 1998, another patient experienced this. At that time, the patient suddenly woke up during the eyeball removal operation. He wanted to scream for help, but he felt that his body was out of control and could not move. And the whole operation lasted for 5.5 hours, it can be said that in the more than 5 hours, she was experiencing human purgatory. Fortunately, she survived in the end, but the spiritual income after the operation is also with her later life.

This kind of anesthesia awakening is really terrible. Fortunately, with the continuous progress of medical standards, the probability of this kind of situation has been reduced to one in 19000.


Have you ever had an operation? How do you feel when you have an operation? Welcome to the comments section.

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