What is NASA hiding? Suspected giant spacecraft around the sun, or for interstellar migration

As the cradle of life on earth, although the solar system is very common in the galaxy and even the whole universe, it becomes “small and great” because of the earth, and becomes the most special Galaxy in the universe. Although we live here, in fact, our research on the solar system has not yet been fully mastered, and many studies are also in the process of gradual exploration, such as whether there is life on the eight planets of the solar system and some satellites of the solar system.


As the parent star of the solar system, the sun is rotating around it, especially the earth. Because we are in the habitable zone of the solar system, we can get the right temperature and make life born on the earth. For the sun, we now know that it is a yellow dwarf. Its life has almost gone half the distance, and it can continue to burn for about 5 billion years. Moreover, all the energy provided by the sun for us is released from the nuclear fusion inside the sun.

Some scientists believe that if human beings can successfully use all the energy from the sun in the future, human civilization will develop rapidly and will soon roam in the universe. Because according to scientists’ estimation, the energy released by the sun in one second is enough for the earth to use for at least 200000 years. When will mankind complete this great blueprint?


From the perspective of kardashov’s cosmic civilization level, the current human level is 70% of the lowest level. If we want to become an interstellar civilization, we need to achieve at least level 2 civilization. With the current speed of human science and technology development, it will take at least tens of thousands of years. In addition, the surface temperature of the sun is 5770k. For human beings, at least we need to develop high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant materials in order to successfully utilize the energy of the sun.


When NASA observed the sun last year, it happened to find a mysterious object, which looks like an alien spaceship. In fact, this mysterious object was not discovered for the first time. As early as 2009, scientists from Russia discovered a similar mysterious object. It also looks like a huge spaceship.

How the hell did this ship get here? Some scientists believe that if alien civilizations come to the solar system, their civilization level should reach at least level 2 or above, and it is very likely that they are here to collect solar energy. At the same time, some scientists think that maybe the spaceship comes from inside the solar system, in other words, maybe they live in the sun. Although it sounds incredible, in fact, the universe is so big that the forms of existence and living environment of alien civilizations should be diverse. Maybe we should not take the earth as the standard.


However, some people think that the so-called giant spaceship does not exist, it is just the sunspot activity on the surface of the sun, because the angle problem seems to be similar to the spaceship. The author thinks that if there are aliens, they should not come from the solar system, so why haven’t they been observed by astronomers since they entered the solar system? If the spaceships do come, they must not be far away from the earth. After all, they can’t “travel a thousand miles” to the earth through most of the universe, but why don’t they contact us? What’s everyone’s opinion? Do you think it’s possible to be a spaceship?


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