What is NASA hiding? There are many spaceships on the edge of the sun. Has alien civilization really appeared?

According to this theory, human beings divide the universe into seven levels of civilization. Different levels of civilization have different ability to use and range of activities of cosmic resources. For example, the resource ability and range of activities of the first level civilization of the universe are limited to the planets and satellites where the civilization is located, and the second level civilization is limited to the planets and satellites where the civilization is located The resource capacity and activity scope of civilization are limited to the star, and the resource scope of the third level civilization is limited to the galaxy If civilization reaches level 6, it will be so serious that it can dominate the resources of the whole universe and roam in the universe. Level 7 civilization is even more serious and has the ability to create and destroy the universe. What level has human civilization reached now?

Space is divided into seven civilization levels, and human civilization is only 0.72 level


According to the research of scientists, the current level of human civilization is very low, only 0.72 level, because human resources utilization ability is limited to the earth, and the scope of activities is also limited to the earth and the moon, while the development and utilization ability of lunar resources is limited, only 0.72 level. Due to the low level of human civilization, human beings encounter many problems that can not be solved, such as natural disasters, diseases, viruses, energy Because human beings have not been able to make a breakthrough in solving these problems for a long time, they are very eager to find a higher alien civilization, and use its advanced technology to help human development, so as to achieve the promotion of civilization. But to find an alien civilization, we must first determine whether there is an alien civilization in the universe.

UFOs are absorbing the energy of the sun


Theoretically, there are high civilizations in the universe, and there are a large number of them, because there are a large number of celestial bodies in the universe. It is estimated that there are 160 million planets, and even if there is a 0.001% probability that there are high civilizations in the universe, the number is also large. Moreover, scientists have also found many earth like planets with space telescopes. For example, Kepler 452b is the most similar planet to the earth Similar earth like planets, and even scientists believe that there is life on them.

However, because it is a little far away from the earth (1400 light-years), human beings are not sure about the above situation. After confirming the existence of alien civilization in the universe, we need to confirm whether there is a more advanced higher civilization in the universe than human beings. According to the scientists, there are some things that can prove that UFO happens in this place near the sun. Let’s take a look.


A large number of UFOs appeared near the sun

After careful study, scientists ruled out the possibility that these UFOs were sunspots and solar flares, and finally attributed them to UFOs. This shows that these UFOs are probably giant spaceships piloted by aliens. They go to the transit station of the sun to temporarily replenish energy. After replenishing energy, some UFOs quickly leave the sun, faster than any human flight It’s incredibly fast.


Huge UFOs appear near the sun

Fortunately, they are not interested in the earth for the time being, because in their view, human beings are just like “wild animals”, just like human beings encounter wild animals in the wilderness. They are curious to observe human beings, an advanced creature, but they also keep alert. However, human beings are not interested in these wild animals at all, because human beings have more important things to do, and for the alien higher civilization As far as human beings are concerned, they are “wild animals”. Of course, the alien higher civilizations do not want to waste their time on human beings, which are “wild animals”, because they have more important things to do.


Imagination of alien advanced civilization

However, human beings should remain vigilant. If there is an alien higher civilization in the universe, then there may be the dark forest rule. According to the development law of the dark forest, advanced civilization will eliminate backward civilization, so as to win the chance of survival for itself. Human civilization is so low that once it meets an alien higher civilization, it is likely to be replaced by an alien higher civilization It was wiped out.

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