What is the Bermuda Triangle of China like? Why are tourists forbidden?

Friends who like anecdotes must have heard or understood the Bermuda Triangle! The Bermuda Triangle is known as the most mysterious place in the world.

In China, there is also such a mysterious place, which is located in d’ang of Wawu mountain in Sichuan Province, known as “Bermuda Triangle of China”. It’s also a forbidden area for tourists. So, what’s mysterious about it? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.


Located in Meishi City, Sichuan Province, Wawu mountain is the largest natural forest in China. It has a variety of precious animal and plant resources and has become a famous tourist attraction in Sichuan Province.

However, there is a place on Wawu mountain called “mihundang”. Due to the complex terrain and abnormal geology, no tourists have been allowed to enter. Once people enter, they will lose their judgment and reason, and lose their way, disappear or die in it, so it gets its name.

When developing the Wawu mountain scenic spot, the local government once sent explorers to find out the truth of Wawu mountain enchantment, but they failed. In 1979, the Sichuan provincial forest investigation team walked in this area for three days and nights, but it was still in the original place. Later, it was able to get out of the difficulty by cutting while walking with a knife.


In early December 1999, Zheng Mingquan, an engineer and panda expert of Wawu Mountain Ecotourism Research Institute, mistakenly went into captivity when he was investigating the whereabouts of giant pandas. He was trapped in captivity for two days and died of freezing on the mountain.

Because the geographical location of Wawu moutain is just on the same latitude with Bermuda Triangle, so it is called “Bermuda Triangle” on land.


According to the people who escaped by chance, the terrain of Wawu mountain’s enchantment pool is complex. As soon as they enter, there will be compass failure, clock stop and other disorientation phenomena. Later, they escaped according to the principle of three points in a line and the natural law of water flowing to the lower part.

Up to now, people still can’t give an accurate explanation for the truth of Wawu mountain enchantment. It’s said that Wawu mountain enchantment was the eight trigrams enchantment array set up by Zhang Ling, the founder of wudoumi sect.

Some people also speculate that it is in the swamp, so it will produce methane and other toxic gases, which is what we often call “miasma”. But these are all conjectures, and there is no final conclusion.

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